5 Ways to Strengthen Your Kids against Pornography

From an article by Lisa Ann Thomson

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    The statistics on pornography can overwhelm parents. But even with the pervasiveness of pornography, you can successfully prepare your child to reject pornography. Here are five strategies that can help.

    1. Address access

    Start with outer defenses. Use filters, enable parental and content controls, establish an open-book policy, and keep electronics in common areas.

    2. Preach of Christ

    Physical filtering can only go so far. If we help children gain a testimony of Heavenly Father’s love and the Savior’s atoning sacrifice, that is the greatest filter of all.

    3. Teach healthy sexuality

    It is not enough to label pornography as bad; parents also need to teach their children what is good and maintain an ongoing dialogue for children to ask questions whenever they have them.

    4. Shatter the myth of pornography

    In discussions about pornography, parents should point out that pornography is mythical on all levels. The behaviors portrayed in pornography are neither normal nor a reflection of what should be anticipated or expected in a healthy relationship.

    5. Teach that there is hope

    Emphasize that the Savior’s power is real and that it makes change and repentance possible.