My Journey to Rebaptism

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    I didn’t realize how much I would miss my covenants.

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    Note: After Jane (name has been changed) was excommunicated, she felt like a part of herself was missing. She decided she would do whatever was necessary to be forgiven of her sins and return to full fellowship in the Church, but her journey back held unexpected twists and turns.

    I was raised in the Church and baptized and confirmed at eight years old. The gospel was a way of life for me and for most of the people around me. The Holy Ghost was a very familiar presence in my life.

    When I was excommunicated, I felt an almost tangible feeling leave me. I felt like my thinking process had been disrupted and slowed, and making decisions was confusing and difficult. I was anxious and had a hard time feeling peace.

    I never realized how losing my membership would change my life completely. I could no longer wear the temple garment or attend the temple. I could not pay my tithing, serve in any calling, take the sacrament, or bear my testimony or pray in church. I no longer had the gift of the Holy Ghost. Most important I was not in a covenant relationship with my Savior through the ordinances of baptism and the temple. I was devastated and frightened.

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