Title Author Date Listen Download
Anne’s Courage Beverly J. Ahlstrom Aug. 2001
Family Home Evening Hunt Jennifer Jensen June 2001
Let’s Make a Deal T. S. Hettinger May 2001
The Talk T. S. Hettinger Apr. 2001
Robby’s New Words Patricia R. Roper Mar. 2001
Sometimes Different Is Good Janice Porter Hayes Feb. 2001
Gifts for the Poor Shirley G. Finlinson Dec. 2000
Angela’s Faith Lisa H. Fernelius Nov. 2000
Elder Peterson and Goliath Lois B. Housley Oct. 2000
Good Samaritan Cynthia S. Cockriel Sept. 2000
Amanda Pratt, CTR Spy Lori Mortensen Aug. 2000
“My Peace I Give unto You” Kaye Garner June 2000
Everyone but Me Nadine A. Hall May 2000
Conner, Always Remember B. J. Whipple Apr. 2000
Marcus’s Promise Alma J. Yates Mar. 2000
Parable of the Ketchup Meghan Decker Feb. 2000
“If You’re Warm, You’re Getting Closer” Julie Taggart Rabe Dec. 1999
Who Needs My Prayer? Janene Dykstra Nov. 1999
“My Teacher Was Right” Carmen de Hernández Oct. 1999
Mimi’s Testimony Jeanne N. Burgon Sept. 1999