First Presidency Message

Title Author Date Listen Download
“Learn of Me” Thomas S. Monson March 2016 Listen
“Of You It Is Required to Forgive” Gordon B. Hinckley Nov. 1991
“Praise to the Man” Gordon B. Hinckley Jan. 1984
“Pray Always” Spencer W. Kimball Mar. 1982
“See Thou Tell No Man” Thomas S. Monson Dec. 1989
“Strengthen Thy Stakes” Ezra Taft Benson Aug. 1991
“The Field Is White Already to Harvest” Gordon B. Hinckley Apr. 1987
“The Great Symbol of Our Membership” Howard W. Hunter Nov. 1994
“The Order and Will of God” Gordon B. Hinckley Aug. 1989
“The Spirit Giveth Life” Thomas S. Monson June 1997