Making Friends:

Title Author Date Listen Download
Love Your Country Richard M. Romney August 2009
Helping Her Family Lena Harper and Don L. Searle June 2009
Lifted by Prayer Mar. 2009
With All Your Heart Richard M. Romney January 2009
Omar’s Key to Getting Along Sept. 2008
Pablo’s Practice Aug. 2008
Standing Tall Jennifer Maddy Apr. 2008
A Missionary in the Making— Kimberly Webb Jan. 2008
In a Good Place— Kimberly Webb Jan. 2007
Abel and Camila León Sifuentes of Trujillo, Peru Marvin K. Gardner Jan. 2006
Hans Nieto of Guayaquil, Ecuador Marvin K. Gardner Aug. 2005
Lonah Fisher and Asenaca Lesuma of Taveuni, Fiji Margaret Snider Apr. 2005
Jairo Eli Xocop of Comalapa, Guatemala Dalila Xocop and Virna Rodríguez Jan. 2005
Sha-Lei Kamauu of Ewa Beach, Hawaii Richard M. Romney Sept. 2004
Medgine Atus of Miramar, Florida Tiffany E. Lewis July 2004
Feleti Vimahi of Pangai, Tonga Annaka Vimahi Apr. 2004
Susanna Ståhle of Turku, Finland Eeva Ståhle and Tiffany E. Lewis Feb. 2004
Tam Hoi Hoon of Hong Kong Emily Chien and Tiffany E. Lewis Aug. 2003
Amberley and Jenneke Kurtz of Wellington, New Zealand Shanna Ghaznavi June 2002
Cho Kwang-Jin and Cho Young-Jin of Pusan, Korea Melvin Leavitt Nov. 2001