Frequently Asked Questions

Can my nonmember friends or family come to camp?

Of course! All friends and family are welcome at camp regardless of religious affiliation. We just ask all who come to these Church recreation camps observe the Church’s standards of personal conduct, whether or not they are members of the Church. This means that dress and grooming should be modest, tasteful, and in keeping with LDS Church standards. Bathing suits should be one‐piece or modest tankini for women and girls and loose‐fitting, boxer‐type for men and boys. Also, coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse are prohibited. Please refrain from foul language, as well as music or behavior that is not in harmony with the respectful atmosphere that should be maintained on the property. We also ask each person who comes here to follow the highest standards of conduct—courtesy and kindness being the hallmarks of your conduct while here.

Can I reserve the camps for use by my family or group?

Yes, families and other groups are encouraged to use the camps during times when they are not in use by organized Church groups. Camps are scheduled giving priority to LDS Church Young Women groups, then to other LDS Church‐sponsored groups, and lastly to families and other groups. The camps may be available to families or groups  for a fee based on group size and facilities needed. Families and groups not directly sponsored by a unit of the Church who wish to use Church recreation camps must fill out and sign the Hold Harmless form.

What are the rules about campfires? Is there firewood available on site?

There may or may not be firewood at the campsite. Check with the camp manager or just bring your own firewood. You can build fires ONLY in approved campfire rings provided by the camp. You must attend to fires at all times. Make sure fires have been completely extinguished with water—and are cool to the touch—before leaving. Permission to have campfires is subject to change according to the local fire marshal’s directive at the time. Please check with the camp manager regarding current fire restrictions.

What about fireworks, firearms, or hunting at Church recreational properties?

Absolutely no fireworks are permitted at Church recreation camps, even for special events or holidays. Firearms, BB guns, paintball guns, and other weapons are generally not permitted on the properties. Absolutely no hunting is permitted. There are a few camps that have ranges for archery and rifle shooting—these properties require advance permission and scheduling for you to bring these items. You must contact the camp manager to make arrangements.

Can these properties be used on Sunday?

Generally camps are closed on Sunday unless approved by the host stake president and the person responsible for scheduling the camp. Persons staying through Sunday are invited to attend Church services nearby and engage only in activities that conform with the spirit of the Sabbath. Athletic fields, equipment, boats, and similar items are not to be used on Sunday.

Can I bring motorcycles or ATVs to use at camp? What about pedal bikes?

Motorcycles or ATVs are not permitted at camp. All motorized vehicles must remain on designated roads and parking areas. However, many properties have paths suitable for pedal bicycles. Check with the camp manager for details.

Are pets allowed at Church recreational properties?

No pets are permitted at Church recreation camps, even if they stay in your vehicle.

Is there a curfew or “quiet time” while at camp?

As a courtesy to other campers and neighboring residents, all campers are encouraged to be at their campsite and observe a noise curfew from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. For specific times or exceptions for special events, please contact the camp manager.