Batel Ranch Camp

Laramie, Wyoming



Batel Ranch is located in Southeast Wyoming 23 miles south of Laramie and about 8 miles north of the Colorado border. It is on a mountain with an elevation that ranges from 8140-8360 feet above sea level and has pine and a few aspen trees throughout. The camp is 40 acres, about ½ mile long and 600 feet wide. There is a natural pond near the entrance of the camp that can be used for canoeing and catch-and-release fishing with non-barbed hooks. The camp is surrounded by private property but is very close to Medicine Bow National Forest, Curt Gowdy State Park, and other state recreation areas that offer hiking, rock climbing, and rappelling areas.

Batel Ranch has 9 campsites with a total of 52 tent pads. The tent pads are sized to fit 14'x10' tents. Each campsite has a fire pit and a permanent 22'x22' open side shelter with cement floor. There are four vault toilet latrine buildings. Each latrine has a water spigot outside that provides well water to the camp.  Each group must provide their own tents, cooking equipment, lights, etc.

There is a large open pavilion in the middle of the camp for large groups to gather. It has 8 electrical stations with 4 power outlets each for presentations. The pavilion can reasonably seat 160 at the 20 eight-foot-long tables. To the north of the pavilion there is a wood chip-base volleyball court and a permanent flagpole. To the south of the pavilion there is a low ropes course. 

The camp has a lovely open-air amphitheater with log benches set into the natural slope of the hill. At the bottom of the amphitheater there is a presentation area with two power outlets. There are two poles where a sheet or other items can be hung for display or presentations. The amphitheater can seat about 300.

Batel Ranch is open mid-May through mid-October, weather permitting. Capacity: 6 people per tent pad; 312 total    


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