Mutual Dell Recreation Camp

American Fork, Utah



Mutual Dell Is Open Year-Round

RESERVATION SCHEDULING: Please read the “Reservation Guidelines” document, under Rules, before making a reservation.

NOTE: Mutual Dell is primarily a girls camp.

Girls Camp

  • 2016 girls camp dates are May 30 through August 19, 2016.
  • Days are from Monday or Tuesday mornings until Friday morning.
  • NO OTHER GROUPS MAY RESERVE THE CAMP during these times.
  • Friday afternoons and evenings are reserved for ward, stake, and family campouts.
  • Saturdays are for ward, stake, and family activities.
  • Sundays the camp is closed.

For a list of who can schedule, click here

  • Young Women leaders can only schedule girls camps.
  • All other leaders can schedule stake and ward activities.

Groups that do not follow the guidelines will be canceled by the camp scheduler. Campsite scheduling will only be done through this website. Scheduling of pavilions and activities on Saturday must be done with the camp scheduler. 

NOTE: While making reservations on the “Reservation Request for Mutual Dell Recreation Camp” page:

  • “1. Stake, Ward, and Family Groups”: Non-girls camp reservations
  • "2. Girls Camp–(YOUNG WOMEN ONLY)": 2016 girls camp


The mission of Mutual Dell is to provide an environment where Young Women and other Church groups as well as families can experience the wonders of God’s creations and feel His Spirit. Here they can have the opportunity to serve others and enjoy safe, wholesome recreation away from worldly influences and the challenges they may face in their daily lives and participate in faith-promoting spiritual experiences.


Mutual Dell Campground is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the property is leased from the U.S. Forest Service. The camp has been dedicated to the Lord. Likewise, the staff of Mutual Dell have been set apart as service missionaries of the Church.

Mutual Dell is a beautiful camp located in American Fork Canyon. It was established in 1920. It is located at mile marker 13.5 on State Route 92 and is about 6400 feet in elevation. It sits on 30 acres on a permit from the U.S. Forest Service and is surrounded by the Uinta National Forest. Normally it is open year-round but is closed on Sundays and Christmas Day. Sunday use is permissible for firesides and youth conferences with the approval of the respective stake president and the agent stake presidency. The facilities are open to all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ward and family socials are held in the lodge and pavilions typically on Saturday afternoons and evenings. Campouts are also held for these same groups anytime that girls camp is not in session. Priority use is to support stake and ward Young Women camps during the summer months. When the Young Women are in camp, no other groups or individuals will be allowed in camp. This is usually Monday through Friday morning. When the camp is not used by Church units, families can make reservations to use Mutual Dell. 


At Mutual Dell, parking is limited and we request that everyone carpool when coming to camp. At times the camp gates may be closed when all parking spaces are occupied. Guests may have to set up shuttle service for other guests that have to park outside the camp. 

NOTE: At no time is parking along Highway 92 allowed except in designated pullouts, and vehicles must be completely off the pavement.


Youth/group camps are in a beautiful primitive area where each camp is isolated from other camps. There are 12 large campsites, each one capable of accommodating an average-sized ward of young women. Most tent sites will accommodate a 12' x 14' tent. All campsites have 2–3 tables, a charcoal BBQ, fire pit/ring, potable water, and 6–12 tent sites.

NOTE: The youth/group camp area requires that guests pack all supplies into the campsites from the parking lot. Some campsites are 300–400 yards from the parking, with uphill climbs. There are wheelbarrows and wagons available to assist in packing items into the camps.

One restroom building with six flush toilet stalls and two sinks is located at the entrance to the campsite area. There are two composting restrooms located in the middle of the campsites with two toilet stalls each.

Also located at the entrance to the campsite area is a shower facility, which is only available during girls camp.

Family camps are located east of the lodge and are designed for small groups of 8 to 20 people and are closer together. All campsites have one or two tables, a fire ring, and a BBQ stand.

Parking is closer to most family camps; however, you will still have to pack all supplies to the campsite.

There is one restroom building with six flush toilet stalls and two sinks located near the southwest of the campsite area. There are also two restrooms and a handicap restroom at the back of the lodge.


Each pavilion or lodge must be reserved separately from campsite reservations.

Due to limited parking at the camp, the lodge and pavilions can only be reserved on Friday nights in conjunction with overnight camping reservations. Enough campsites must be reserved to accommodate the number of people attending the facility.


The lodge is a two-level structure originally constructed in 1970–73. Each level will accommodate a ward-sized group. Each floor has a full commercial kitchen with limited utensils. There are restrooms available. The downstairs restrooms include showers. The lodge was remodeled in 2007–08, which included conversion to propane forced-air furnaces and water heaters. There are sufficient tables and chairs on each level to facilitate a ward event. There are no facilities for sleeping in the lodge.


All pavilions are on cement slabs, they are covered, and they have tables with attached benches. All pavilions have a fire ring and an 8-burner grill. (Bring your own propane.)

THE WHITLOCK PAVILION: (Previously the Large Pavilion) is the largest pavilion, with a seating capacity of 250 people. It is great for large ward or stake functions. It has a refrigerator and some limited storage. It also has seven campsites associated with it.

MCDONALD PAVILION: In the early 1950s the McDonald family operated a small convenience store, which sold soft drinks, candy, and craft items. The McDonald Pavilion is located in the vicinity of the old store, now dismantled. The pavilion will accommodate a group of approximately 80 people. It has a large charcoal dutch oven stand and fire pit, and there are water and lights available.

CHIPMAN PAVILION: This is the newest pavilion and can accommodate 150 people. It has three flagpoles and a primitive stage. It has a large charcoal dutch oven stand and fire pit, and there are water and lights available.

YOUTH PAVILION: Can accommodate 200 people with nearby parking. It also has a refrigerator and some closed storage. It has a large charcoal dutch oven stand and fire pit, and there are water and lights available.


Mutual Dell boasts a beautiful outdoor amphitheater near the family campsites, lodge, and main pavilion. This was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s and will accommodate over 500 people. There is a small stage area to the front, flagpoles, lights, and a sound system.

The CCC and the Forest Amphitheaters are available to all campers, regardless of their assigned camping area. Amphitheaters must be reserved separately from campsite reservations with the camp scheduler. The amphitheaters are scheduled for two-hour blocks.


THE CONFIDENCE COURSE at Mutual Dell has five stations located along the nature trail. It consists of a climbing wall, spider’s web, shark island, lifeline, and traffic jam. The object at each of these stations is to encourage a team-building experience and can bring a spiritual aspect to playing a game. Our trained missionaries can assist in these courses to help the participants see how God is involved in our lives in many different ways.

CANOES: We have 12 canoes on two trailers that can be used at Tibble Fork Reservoir.

NOTE: The Confidence Courses and canoes are for girls camp and youth conferences only.

VOLLEYBALL COURT: This is a sand court and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

HORSESHOE PITS: There are four pits for your use and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check with a camp host for horseshoes.

BALL FIELD: The ball field can accommodate several groups at one time and is available on a first-come, first-served basis in one-hour increments if others are waiting.



Reservation Guidelines

You can find more information about camp rules in Frequently Asked Questions.


Girls Camp Guidelines for Leaders

Camp Service Projects

Canoe Policy




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