Seneca Lake Camp

Romulus, New York



The Seneca Lake Camp was created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to serve the needs of Young Women, families, and Church groups in the northeastern United States. This beautiful camp is located on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake in upstate New York. As a dedicated Church property, Seneca Lake Camp provides a comfortable environment away from the world in which campers may experience the Spirit of the Lord and engage in a broad range of activities.

The forested areas of the camp have much the same look and feel as the Sacred Grove in nearby Palmyra, New York. The combination of superb modern facilities, beautiful waterfront, forested wilderness, and proximity to Church historic sites provides a unique setting for Young Women groups, wards, stakes, and families to enjoy time together away from the distractions of the world. We look forward to your visit.

Group Capacity Limits

Groups arriving at camp larger than the capacity they have reserved, without prior written arrangements with the camp director, may be asked to reduce the size of their group to the agreed capacity. The group will be responsible for offsite accommodations for its excess members.

Dining Hall

The dining hall is a large enclosed building with seating for 200+ for dining, conferencing, and other activities. Fold-up tables and chairs are provided by the camp. Ten roll-up doors open up onto a full-length covered patio with a lakeside view of the camp. On the opposite side are windows that run the length of the building, giving guests a view of the camp’s more wooded areas. At the north end of the hall is a large wood-burning fireplace with wood furnished by the camp. The dining hall is equipped with an ice machine, two pianos, an organ, a sound system, and a video projector with various electronic connectivity ports.

A commercially-equipped stainless steel kitchen supports the dining area, with a walk-in refrigerator and freezer, commercial dishwasher, toaster, meat slicer, large gas stove with griddle, four large ovens, and two warming ovens. Cooking and serving utensils, tableware, dish soaps, dishcloths, and other clean-up items are furnished by the camp.

Outside the dining hall to the west is a large bricked fire ring with seating capacity of 30 to 40. To the east is a central camp flagpole and assembly area with benches.

Guest Camp Director and Medical Facilities

In the south end of the dining hall is a guest camp director’s office with three single beds, a nurse’s office, and an infirmary with a small refrigerator and lockable cabinets for medicines. There is an ADA accessible restroom with shower, and a washer and dryer. The infirmary has five twin beds with mattresses. The dining hall, kitchen, guest director’s quarters, and nurse’s office are heated by propane heaters and cooled with portable electric fans.


A total of ten identical cabins in two separate clusters are available in the camp, with four cabins in the upper camp area and six cabins in the lower. Cabins sleep 16, with eight bunk beds, and include a partitioned area for adult leaders, overhead fluorescent lights, two electric outlets, and a ceiling fan. Cabin campers should bring their own pillow, bedding, or bedroll. Each group of cabins has two covered pavilions and two fire rings. The covered pavilions have picnic tables and a charcoal grill and electric outlet. These pavilions do not have overhead lights.

Each cluster of cabins has a restroom facility. Restrooms are ADA accessible with hot water showers, flush toilets, and sinks. Bathrooms are heated and have overhead lights. Campers furnish their own personal toiletries and towels. The camp provides toilet paper, liquid hand soap, and paper towels.

Priesthood Quarters

A 12-bed apartment is provided for young women camps to accommodate brethren assigned to assist in the operation of the camp. This apartment has two toilet stalls, two bathroom sinks, and a shower stall. It is available for rent by other groups when the Camp is not occupied for young women camps.


A large outdoor amphitheater with benches seating about 180 can be used for large group programs and gatherings. The amphitheater has two fire rings and a pulpit with electrical power. A portable PA system is available for use at the amphitheater.

Group Capacity Limits

Groups arriving larger than the capacity they have reserved, without prior written arrangement with the camp director, may be asked to reduce the size of their group to the agreed capacity. The group will be responsible for offsite accommodations for its excess numbers.

Large Group Tenting

Tent camping for large groups is provided in a 10-acre grassy area located near the upper cabins. A large fire ring is located in the center of the camping area, and 10 steel BBQ grills line two sides of the perimeter. This tenting area is adjacent to the amphitheater and is bordered on two sides by hardwood forest. The large group tenting area is available only on special arrangement with the camp director. Piped drinking water is available in this area. Toilet and shower facilities are shared with the upper cabins.

Small Group and Family Camping Area

Small group and family camping is available by reservation. This grassy area is supported by a pavilion with electricity, water, propane, flush toilets, warm showers, and a small kitchen-like cooking area. This pavilion is shared with the adjacent RV area. Three fire rings and two steel barbeque grills are located in the grassy area.

Sunday Use

Generally camps are closed on Sunday. No camp activities are scheduled. Equipment, canoes, kayaks, etc. are not to be used on Sunday. Persons staying through Sunday are invited to attend Church services nearby and engage only in activities that conform to the spirit of the Sabbath.

Primitive Camping

There are two hardwood groves for primitive group camping. Each is located a short hike (15-20 minutes) from the rest of the camping area. Each as a fire ring, but the groves are not supported by drinking water or restrooms.

Farmhouse at the Lake

A spacious five-bedroom house (4,000 square feet) is available for rent. It has four bedrooms and two baths upstairs and one bedroom and 1.5 baths downstairs. The house contains laundry facilities, a full kitchen, deck, and lake access. It is perfect for family reunions, Relief Society retreats, and other such gatherings. It has its own large front and back lawns for family games and sports activities and includes picnic tables and a fire ring.

RV Sites

The camp has four RV sites with full hookups located adjacent to the camp’s small tenting area. RV campers share a small pavilion with tent campers.


Groups will be assigned enough space to carry out their activities by the camp director and may be expected to share some of the camp’s amenities with other groups.

Transportation and Parking

Large groups coming to camp are encouraged to secure commercial bus transportation. All other groups may arrive in private vehicles. All vehicles should be parked in the designated camp parking area, which may be located some distance from your campsite. Those coming to camp are strongly encouraged to carpool in order to minimize the number of vehicles.


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