Step 3: Make Certain That the Ordinances Are Performed

"Step 3: Make Certain That the Ordinances Are Performed," A Member’s Guide to Temple and Family History Work: Ordinances and Covenants, (1993), 16

Send Your TempleReady Diskette to the Temple

Send the TempleReady diskette in a protective mailer to the temple you have selected. Ask your ward family history consultant for the address.

If you are providing the proxies, make sure that the temple receives the TempleReady diskette a few days before you plan to complete the ordinances. Check with someone at the temple’s Family File desk before your visit to make sure that the names are ready.

If you submitted the names to the Temple File, the temple will make certain that all ordinances are performed. Dates of the completed ordinances will appear in a future edition of the International Genealogical Index.

Prepare for Your Visit

Prepare yourself spiritually to attend the temple. If you are in tune with the Spirit, you will more fully understand and appreciate the importance of this work.

Remember that persons who serve as proxies may do so only for persons of their own sex. In addition, they must meet the following requirements:

  • A person serving as a proxy for baptisms and confirmations must be at least twelve years of age; must have been baptized; if male, must hold the priesthood; and must have a current Temple Recommend or be listed on a current Limited-Use Recommend.

  • A person serving as a proxy for ordinations to the Melchizedek Priesthood, endowments, or sealings must be endowed and have a current Temple Recommend.

Schedule Your Visit

If possible, contact the temple to schedule times to complete the ordinances listed below, except for the endowment, which may be performed anytime the temple is open.

Ordinances are completed in the following sequence:

  • Baptism and confirmation

  • Ordination to the Melchizedek Priesthood (for men)

  • Endowment

  • Sealing

The marriage sealing follows the endowment. A couple’s children may be sealed to them after the couple have been sealed.

In some very limited circumstances, some ordinances for the dead do not follow this sequence. Please direct any questions to the temple presidency or temple recorder.

Attend the Temple

When you go to the temple to receive ordinances in behalf of your ancestors, go to the Family File desk. Cards bearing the names you have submitted are kept there in a file under your name. If you are not sure where the Family File desk is located, ask for help.

After obtaining the cards, you may receive the ordinances for your ancestors. Temple workers will provide any guidance you may need.

Record the Ordinance Information

If you provided proxies for the ordinances, you can record in your records the date of each ordinance and the temple in which it was performed. This will help you keep an accurate record of completed ordinances so that you can avoid resubmitting names.

If you submitted the names to the Temple File, you can be assured that the ordinances will be completed. Write “Completed” or “Done” in the ordinance spaces. The dates the ordinances were performed will be included in an upcoming edition of the International Genealogical Index. The International Genealogical Index is updated regularly and is available on microfiche and as part of FamilySearch.