Skills for Administering Appropriately in the Church Educational System

“Skills for Administering Appropriately in the Church Educational System,” Administering Appropriately: A Handbook for CES Leaders and Teachers (2003), 20–37

Administering in any organization is a complex task. A summary of the writings of the numerous experts who study administrative methods and skills would fill volumes. The skills addressed in this section are those considered essential for administering appropriately in the Church Educational System. Mastering administrative skills is best accomplished as leaders and teachers apply underlying gospel principles and minister to individuals’ needs and wants (see Mosiah 18:29). Without applying gospel principles, even the most skillful leader will not succeed.

This section of the handbook addresses seven fundamental administrative skills:

  • Use councils and committees.

  • Manage information, programs, and resources.

  • Make wise and timely decisions.

  • Delegate responsibilities.

  • Assess teaching and administering.

  • Provide training.

  • Interview and counsel.