Lesson 25

“They Taught with Power and Authority of God”

“Lesson 25: ‘They Taught with Power and Authority of God’” Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide (1999), 16

  • What led to the success of Ammon and his brethren in their efforts to bring the Lamanites to a knowledge of the truth? What do you learn from Ammon and Aaron’s approach to missionary work?

  • What doctrines did Ammon and Aaron teach to King Lamoni and his father? (See Alma 18:34–39; 22:7–14.)

  • What sacrifices was Lamoni’s father willing to make to know God? (See Alma 22:15, 17–18.) What can you learn from his example?

As you study Alma 17–22, look for accounts of people who received blessings after they endured trials. Ponder the blessings that you have received as you have endured trials faithfully.

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Display a few different instruments or tools. Ask family members to explain how each instrument (or tool) is used. Then read Alma 17:1–9 and point out that we, like the sons of Mosiah, can be “instrument[s] in the hands of God” as we share the gospel with others. Emphasize that the Lord will help us as we strive to be instruments in His hands.