Lesson 34

“How Could You Have Forgotten Your God?”

“Lesson 34: ‘How Could You Have Forgotten Your God?’” Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide (1999), 21

The account in Helaman 6–12 shows how the sin of pride affects people. As you study this account, look for the cycle described below in the suggestion for family discussion.

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Draw the following illustration on a piece of paper:

pride cycle

Righteousness and Prosperity

Pride and Wickedness

Destruction and Suffering

Humility and Repentance

Explain that the Book of Mormon contains several examples of people who went through this cycle.

On the piece of paper, draw lines through Pride and Wickedness and Destruction and Suffering. Point out that we can learn from the Nephites’ mistakes. We can always remember the Lord in humility and gratitude, even when we are prosperous.