Lesson 7

“I Know in Whom I Have Trusted”

“Lesson 7: ‘I Know in Whom I Have Trusted’” Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide (1999), 5

  • As you study 2 Nephi 3, look for teachings about the Prophet Joseph Smith. How have you been blessed through the contributions of Joseph Smith?

  • How did Nephi find hope despite feeling “encompassed about” by temptation and sin? (See 2 Nephi 4:18–25.) How can remembering blessings you have received in the past help you through difficult times?

Suggestion for Family Discussion

As a family, read some or all of 2 Nephi 4:15–35. Explain that this passage is sometimes called “the Psalm of Nephi.” It expresses some of Nephi’s deepest feelings. Discuss why it is important to sometimes “write the things of [our] soul[s],” as Nephi did (2 Nephi 4:15). Encourage family members to frequently write about their feelings. They may occasionally want to record their feelings in the form of a poem or song of praise.