The Plates and Their Relationship to the Published Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Seminary Teacher Manual, 2012

The Plates and Their Relationship to the Published Book of Mormon

Some of the sources for the plates of Mormon

The plates of Mormon that were given to the Prophet Joseph Smith

plates diagram

600 B.C.–131 B.C.*

The Small Plates of Nephi

1 Nephi

2 Nephi





600 B.C.A.D. 385*

The Large Plates of Nephi





3 Nephi

4 Nephi

Mormon 1–7

4000 B.C.–131 B.C.*

The Plates of Ether

4000 B.C.–600 B.C.*

The Plates of Brass

Included unabridged

Mormon’s explanation for including the small plates of Nephi

Abridged by Mormon

Moroni’s completion of his father’s book

Abridged by Moroni

The writings of Moroni, including the title page

Many quotations from these plates appear in the Book of Mormon

The Plates of Mormon (the Gold Plates)

The Book of Lehi

(part of Mormon’s abridgment; the 116-page translation lost by Martin Harris)

1 Nephi through Omni

The Words of Mormon

Mosiah through Mormon 7

Mormon 8–9



The Sealed Portion

Translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith

Published in the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon

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    Dates represent the approximate time period covered by each set of plates.


    It is not known exactly when the prophet Ether completed his record, but it was likely sometime between 589 B.C. and 131 B.C.