Chapter 11


“Chapter 11: Enos,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 30–31

Jacob giving Enos plates

Enos was Jacob’s son. He kept the plates and wrote on them after his father died.

Enos hunting

One day Enos was hunting in the forest. He thought about his father’s teachings and wanted to be forgiven of his sins.

Enos praying

Enos knelt and prayed to God. He prayed all day and was still praying when night came.

Enos praying

God told Enos that because of his faith in Jesus Christ, his sins were forgiven.

Enos praying

Enos then wanted the Lord to bless the Nephites. He prayed for them, and the Lord said he would bless them if they obeyed his commandments.


Enos also wanted the Lord to bless the Lamanites. He prayed with great faith, and the Lord promised to do what Enos asked him.

Lamanites fighting Nephites

Even though the Lamanites fought the Nephites and tried to destroy their records, Enos prayed that they would become a righteous people.

Enos praying

Enos prayed that the records he had kept would be safe. The Lord promised that someday he would give the Lamanites the teachings that were on the records.

Enos preaching to Nephites

Enos preached to the Nephites. He wanted them to believe in God and keep the commandments.

Lamanites working

The Nephites tried to teach the gospel to the Lamanites, but they would not listen. The Lamanites hated the Nephites.

Enos writing

Enos spent his life teaching people about Jesus and the gospel. He served God and loved him all his days.