Chapter 21

The Amlicites

“Chapter 21: The Amlicites,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 56–57

Amlici and his followers

Amlici was a clever, wicked man who wanted to be king of the Nephites. He had many followers.

people watching Amlici

The righteous Nephites did not want Amlici to be their king. They knew he wanted to destroy God’s Church.

Nephites talking

The Nephites gathered in various groups to decide if Amlici should be king. Most of the people voted against Amlici, and he did not become king.

Amlici and his followers

Amlici and his followers became angry. They left the Nephites, made Amlici their king, and called themselves Amlicites. Amlici ordered them to fight the Nephites.

Nephites making arrows

The righteous Nephites prepared to defend themselves with bows and arrows, swords, and other weapons.

Nephites defeating Amlicites

The Amlicites attacked, and the Nephites, who were led by Alma and strengthened by the Lord, killed many of them. The rest of the Amlicites ran away.

Alma’s spies watching Amlicites

Alma sent spies to watch the Amlicites. The spies saw them join a large army of Lamanites and attack Nephites living near Zarahemla.

Nephites battling Lamanite-Amlicite army

The Nephites prayed, and God helped them again. They killed many soldiers of the Lamanite-Amlicite army.

Alma killing Amlici

Alma and Amlici fought each other with swords. Alma prayed that his life would be spared, and God gave him the strength to kill Amlici.


The Nephites chased the Lamanites and Amlicites into the wilderness. Many of the wounded died there and were eaten by wild animals.

Amlicites marking foreheads

Like the Lamanites, the Amlicites marked themselves with red, which fulfilled a prophecy. The Amlicites had separated themselves from the blessings of the gospel.