Chapter 45: Jesus Christ Teaches about the Sacrament and Prayer

Book of Mormon Stories, (1997), 126–27

group of men walking

Jesus Christ sent his disciples to get some bread and wine. He told the Nephites to sit on the ground.

Jesus passing bread

When the disciples returned, the Savior broke the bread into pieces and blessed it. He gave some to his disciples and had them give some to the people.

Jesus talking

Jesus said that people who take the sacrament promise to always remember him and his sacrifice. They then receive his Spirit.

people passing wine

Jesus Christ blessed the wine and gave some to his disciples. The disciples gave some wine to the people.

Jesus teaching

Jesus said those who take the sacrament promise to keep his commandments.

Jesus talking to disciples

Jesus again told his disciples that everyone who takes the sacrament and always remembers him will have his Spirit.

Jesus talking to people

He told his disciples they would be blessed if they kept his commandments.

Jesus talking to disciples

He told them to pray always and to pray as they had seen him pray.

Savior talking to everyone

The Savior told all the Nephites to pray to Heavenly Father in his name. He also commanded them to pray with their families.

people listening to Christ

He said the people should meet together often. They should welcome others to their meetings, pray for them, and be good examples to them.

Jesus going up to heaven

The Savior gave his disciples the power to give the Holy Ghost. Then a cloud covered the people so that only the disciples saw Jesus Christ go up to heaven.