Places to Know

Book of Mormon Stories, (1997), 165

Americathe promised land God directed Lehi’s family and the Jaredites to 
Ammonihaha city of wicked people who would not listen to Alma the Younger and Amulek 
Babela city where wicked people built a tower so they could climb to heaven 
Bethlehema city near Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was born 
Bountiful1the place Lehi’s family camped after traveling in the wilderness for eight years. From here they traveled to the promised land. 
Bountiful2the place Jesus Christ came to when he visited the Nephites 
Hill Cumorahthe place where Moroni buried the gold plates and Joseph Smith later uncovered them 
Jershonthe land the Nephites gave the people of Ammon 
Jerusalemthe city where Lehi prophesied to the wicked and the place where Jesus Christ taught and was crucified 
Nephithe city that Nephi and his people built after they left Laman and Lemuel and their followers 
promised landany land God leads his chosen people to. He led Lehi’s family and the Jaredites to a promised land. 
Sidomthe land where Alma the Younger established the Church. It became the new home of the righteous people who left Ammonihah. 
Waters of Mormonthe place where Alma baptized the converted Nephites who had left King Noah 
Zarahemlaa major Nephite city that was the government and Church center. King Mosiah and King Benjamin lived here. The city was burned at Jesus’ death.