Words to Know

Book of Mormon Stories, (1997), 157–62


altara sacred, raised area of dirt or rocks on which prayers or sacrifices are offered to God


angela messenger from God 
armora covering that soldiers wear to protect themselves in battle


armya group of soldiers prepared to fight 
arrowa weapon with a sharp end used in hunting or war



baptisman ordinance in which a person with authority from God places another person entirely beneath water and lifts the person back out. Baptism is required to become a member of Jesus Christ’s Church.


bargea large boat used to carry people or supplies


believeto feel or know that something is right 
blessto give a person something that will benefit him or her. To bless the sacrament is to ask God to accept the bread and water as symbols of Jesus Christ. 
blindunable to see 
bondageto not be free, to have to work all day for someone else’s benefit 
bowa long stick with a string attached at each end that is used to launch arrows


brass platesa record of God’s commandments and dealings with Lehi’s ancestors
brass plates

brass plates

buildto make or construct something 


captaina leader of an army 
cluba weapon used to hit animals or people


commandmentsomething God tells his people to do so they will be happy 
covenanta promise between God and a person 
crucifyto put to death by nailing a person to a cross 


deafunable to hear 
destroyto completely end or ruin something, such as a city or a life 
disciplea person who follows Jesus and tries to be like him 
dreama story that goes on in a person’s mind when he or she is asleep 
drunka loss of control from drinking too much alcohol 


escapeto get away from a person 
eternal lifeto live forever with God 
evilsomething that is bad 


faithto believe in Jesus Christ 
faithfulto continue obeying the commandments 
faminea lack of food caused by no rain falling and no crops being able to grow 
fastto go without food or water while seeking spiritual help 
filled with the Holy Ghostto have the Holy Ghost tell a person’s mind and heart what is true 
forgiveto forget the bad things a person has done and love the person 
freedomto be able to make choices 


glad tidingsmessages of hope and comfort sent from God 
gold platesa record written on thin sheets of gold. Moroni hid these in the Hill Cumorah, and Joseph Smith later uncovered them.
gold plates

gold plates

gospelthe teachings of Jesus Christ 
Great Spiritthe Lamanite name for God 


healto make a sick or hurt person better or whole 
heaventhe place Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live 
humblebeing teachable and seeking to do God’s will 


idolsomething people worship that is not of God 
iron roda symbol in Lehi’s dream that represents the word of God 


jointo become part of a group 
judgea leader who decides what the laws mean or how people should keep them 
judgment-seata position in the Nephite government that the chief judge held 


kinga leader over a group of people 


leadera person who guides a group of people 
Liahonaa brass ball that God gave Lehi’s family to show them the way to go in the wilderness. It worked only when Lehi’s family was righteous.


libertyfreedom to make choices 


membera person who belongs to a church or group 
miraclean unusual event or happening that shows the power of God 
missionarya person who teaches others the gospel of Jesus Christ 


obeyto do what has been asked or commanded 
ordainto give priesthood power and authority


ordinancea sacred ceremony or act that has spiritual meanings, such as baptism or the sacrament 


peacea calm feeling or a time without war 
persecuteto say false things about someone to try and hurt them 
platesthin sheets of metal on which people wrote the teachings of God and the histories of people


plotto devise a wicked plan against someone 
powera force of good or evil, often a special help or strength from God 
prayto talk to God, giving thanks and asking blessings 
priesthoodthe authority to act in God’s name 
prisona place used to hold people who have committed a crime 
promisea pledge or commitment to do or be something 
prophesyto describe an event before it happens 
propheta person called by God to tell people God’s will 
punishto cause or allow bad things to happen to a person. People are often punished when they do not obey God. 


rebelto disobey or go against the commandments 
repentto feel sorry for an action or a thought and promise not to repeat it 
resurrectto bring someone or something back to life 
righteoussomething that is of God. Righteous people are those who follow God’s commandments. 
robea long, flowing covering 


sacramentan ordinance in which men who have the priesthood bless and pass bread and water to other people. The sacrament reminds people of Jesus Christ. 
sacrificeto give up something precious for God 
servantspeople who serve or work for someone such as a king 
scalpto cut off the top of a person’s head 
shielda part of the armor that protects a soldier’s upper body against swords or other weapons 
sinto break a commandment 
slavespeople who are forced to work for other people 
slinga weapon used to throw rocks


soldiera person who fights in an army 
speara sharp, pointed stick used to stab


stealto take something that belongs to someone else 
stoneto throw rocks at a person until he or she dies 
sworda long, metal blade used to cut or pierce


synagoguea type of building where people gather to worship God 


templeGod’s house


testimonya feeling or witness that the gospel is true 
title of libertya message Captain Moroni wrote encouraging his people to defend their freedom
title of liberty

title of liberty

towera tall building or platform people can stand on


translateto change words from one language to another 
tree of lifea tree in Lehi’s dream that represents the love of God 
truesomething that really happened or that is good or right 


understandto know or comprehend an idea 
Urim and Thummimspecial instruments God gives to prophets to help them translate and receive revelation 


valiantknowing and defending what is right 
visiona form of revelation 


wara battle between enemies or opposing armies 
weaponsomething used to hurt or kill other people, such as a sword or spear 
wickedsomething that is not of God. A wicked person loves Satan and does not keep God’s commandments. 
wildernessan empty stretch of land that is without cities or people 
worshipto adore or follow a person or thing