Book of Mormon Stories

Chapter Title Page

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Chapter 1How We Got the Book of Mormon2–4
Chapter 2Lehi Warns the People5
Chapter 3Lehi Leaves Jerusalem6–7
Chapter 4The Brass Plates8–12
Chapter 5Traveling in the Wilderness13–15
 Travels of Lehi’s Family16–17
Chapter 6Lehi’s Dream18–20
Chapter 7Building the Ship21–22
Chapter 8Crossing the Sea23–24
Chapter 9A New Home in the Promised Land25–26
Chapter 10Jacob and Sherem27–29
Chapter 11Enos30–31
Chapter 12King Benjamin32–35
Chapter 13Zeniff36–37
Chapter 14Abinadi and King Noah38–42
Chapter 15Alma Teaches and Baptizes43–44
Chapter 16King Limhi and His People Escape45–46
Chapter 17Alma and His People Escape47–48
Chapter 18Alma the Younger Repents49–52
Chapter 19The Sons of Mosiah Become Missionaries53
Chapter 20Alma and Nehor54–55
Chapter 21The Amlicites56–57
Chapter 22Alma’s Mission to Ammonihah58–63
Chapter 23Ammon: A Great Servant64–68
Chapter 24Ammon Meets King Lamoni’s Father69–70
Chapter 25Aaron Teaches King Lamoni’s Father71–72
Chapter 26The People of Ammon73–74
Chapter 27Korihor75–77
Chapter 28The Zoramites and the Rameumptom78–80
Chapter 29Alma Teaches about Faith and the Word of God81
Chapter 30Alma Counsels His Sons82–84
Chapter 31Captain Moroni Defeats Zerahemnah85–88
Chapter 32Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty89–90
Chapter 33King-Men versus Freemen91–92
Chapter 34Helaman and the 2,000 Young Warriors93–94
Chapter 35Captain Moroni and Pahoran95–97
Chapter 36Hagoth98
Chapter 37Nephi and Lehi in Prison99–102
Chapter 38The Murder of the Chief Judge103–7
Chapter 39Nephi Receives Great Power108–10
Chapter 40Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ111–13
Chapter 41The Signs of Christ’s Birth114–16
Chapter 42The Signs of Christ’s Crucifixion117–19
Chapter 43Jesus Christ Appears to the Nephites120–23
Chapter 44Jesus Christ Blesses the Children124–25
Chapter 45Jesus Christ Teaches about the Sacrament and Prayer126–27
Chapter 46Jesus Christ Teaches and Prays with the Nephites128–30
Chapter 47Jesus Christ Blesses His Disciples131–33
 Christ Comes to America134–35
Chapter 48Peace in America136–37
Chapter 49Mormon and His Teachings138–42
Chapter 50The Jaredites Leave Babel143–44
Chapter 51The Jaredites Travel to the Promised Land145–48
Chapter 52The Destruction of the Jaredites149–51
 Travels of the Jaredites152–53
Chapter 53Moroni and His Teachings154–55
Chapter 54The Promise of the Book of Mormon156
 Words to Know157–62
 People to Know163–64
 Places to Know165