2 Nephi 32: Nephi Continues Teaching the Doctrine of Christ

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 58–59

The process of obtaining eternal life through Jesus Christ that Nephi wrote about in 2 Nephi 31 is beautiful, profound, and simple to explain. Is that really all we are to do?Nephi sensed that some people still pondered what they should do after entering in “by the way” (2 Nephi 32:1). In 2 Nephi 32, Nephi explained how we are to continue.

Understanding the Scriptures

2 Nephi 32

Ponder (vv. 1, 8)Think deeply about
By the way (vv. 1, 5)On the path that leads to eternal life (as explained in 2 Nephi 31)
Perceive (v. 8)Sense, feel, observe
Consecrate (v. 9)Set apart for a sacred purpose

2 Nephi 32:3—“The Words of Christ Will Tell You All Things What Ye Should Do”

Elder Boyd K. Packer taught: “If [you] are acquainted with the revelations, there is no question—personal or social or political or occupational—that need go unanswered. Therein is contained the fulness of the everlasting gospel. Therein we find principles of truth that will resolve every confusion and every problem and every dilemma that will face the human family or any individual in it” (“Teach the Scriptures,” in Charge to Religious Educators [3rd ed.], 89).

young man praying

2 Nephi 32:8–9—Prayer

President Gordon B. Hinckley taught: “We can make great strides in the direction of perfection in our personal behavior. We can be perfect in our prayers to our Father in Heaven. There are some things in which it is very difficult to be perfect, but I hope that everyone … will get on his or her knees night and morning and thank the Lord for His blessings, thank the Lord for His kindness, thank the Lord for every gift that He has given, and pray for strength to do the right thing and remember before the Lord all who are in need and distress. We can be perfect in our prayers, my brothers and sisters” (“Inspirational Thoughts,” Ensign, July 1998, 2).

Studying the Scriptures

Do activities A and B as you study 2 Nephi 32.

Activity A Scripture Mastery iconScripture Mastery—2 Nephi 32:3

  1. 1.

    According to 2 Nephi 32:1–3, what must we do after we have gotten on the path that leads to eternal life?

  2. 2.

    How is that like what Lehi saw in his vision that would keep people on the path (see 1 Nephi 8)?

  3. 3.

    Name three different ways the words of Christ can be received and feasted upon.

Activity B Scripture Mastery iconScripture Mastery—2 Nephi 32:8–9

Imagine you have a friend who is struggling with his or her testimony and has made the following comments to you. Write each comment in your notebook and follow it with a phrase or sentence from 2 Nephi 32:8–9 that might help you know what to say to your friend.

  1. 1.

    “I don’t pray very often.”

  2. 2.

    “Sometimes I think I probably ought to pray, but then I don’t feel like it, so I don’t.”

  3. 3.

    “Because I have had so few spiritual experiences, I think I will just stop praying.”

  4. 4.

    “I’ve read some of the Book of Mormon, but it doesn’t seem to help me. What would help me get more out of it?”