Alma 21: Aaron and His Brethren Teach the Lamanites

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 113

Alma 21–26 is the record of the missionary labors of Aaron, Muloki, and their brethren. Their experience was much different from Ammon’s. As you read Alma 21, watch for how it was different and why. You may be surprised at who caused them the most trouble.

Understanding the Scriptures

Alma 21

Nativity (v. 1)Birth
Wax (v. 3)Grow, become
Abominations (v. 3)Sins; thoughts and acts that are offensive to God
Synagogues, sanctuaries (vv. 5–6, 11, 16, 20)Churches, places of worship
Redeem (v. 7)Save
Zealous for (v. 23)Enthusiastic, eager for

Alma 21:3—Who Were the Amalekites and the People of Amulon?

The Amalekites were Nephite apostates. This is the first time the Book of Mormon mentions them. The people of Amulon were descendants of King Noah’s wicked priests who abandoned their families, fled into the wilderness, married Lamanite women, and became part of the Lamanite society (see Mosiah 23:31–35).

Alma 21:4—The Order of the Nehors

For information on the “order of the Nehors” see the “Understanding the Scriptures” section for Alma 1:12 (pp. 97–98).

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A or B as you study Alma 21.

Activity A iconWrite a Letter

After reading Alma 21, in your notebook write a letter to your family as if you were Aaron and briefly describe your experiences.

Activity B iconYour Favorite Scripture

Review Alma 21:9. Assume you wanted to “open the scriptures” to a friend concerning the Savior. What Book of Mormon scripture that you have studied so far would you share? Why?