Alma 28: The Nephites Defend the People of Ammon

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 118

Allowing the people of Ammon to live in the land where the Nephites lived seemed right and proper. But what if the cost of such a decision involved losing a father or a brother in a battle defending them? Alma 28 shows us how committed the Nephites were to helping those in need and doing what they knew the Lord wanted them to. Pay special attention to the last verses of the chapter, in which Mormon reminded us that much of the suffering and sorrow we read about in Alma 28 did not have to happen. He identified the real cause of that and other “inequalities”—in other words, why some events occur that are not really fair or just. He also reminded us of what can prevent such events from occurring.

Understanding the Scriptures

Alma 28

Lamentation (v. 4)Great sadness, mourning
Solemnity (v. 6)Seriousness, soberness
Incomprehensible (v. 8)Seemingly impossible to understand
Moldering (v. 11)Decaying, rotting
Consigned (v. 11)Assigned, committed
Wo (v. 11)Grief, misery
Exult (v. 12)Celebrate, express joy, delight
Devised to ensnare (v. 13)Made or designed to trap

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Alma 28.

Activity A iconState the Moral

In Alma 28:13, Mormon wrote the first of two “and thus we see” statements. He then explained a lesson that can be learned from the events described. In your own words, summarize the lesson he taught and explain how it relates to the events mentioned in the chapter. In Alma 28:14 two additional “and thus we see” statements are given. You may want to mark them in your scriptures.