Alma 45: Alma's Farewell

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 132

When did you last have an interview with your father or with a priesthood leader? Before passing the records and leadership on to his son Helaman, Alma interviewed and blessed him. Look for how Helaman’s interview compares with those you have received. Notice the important instructions he was given and how difficult his calling would be.

Understanding the Scriptures

Alma 45

Dwindle (vv. 10, 12)Fall gradually away
Pestilences (v. 11)Diseases
Extinct (vv. 11, 14)Entirely destroyed
Lasciviousness (v. 12)Immorality, lustfulness
Dissensions (vv. 21, 23)Rebellions, apostasies
Regulation (v. 21)Correction, reorganization


Alma 45:18–19—Was Alma Translated?

President Joseph Fielding Smith taught, “It is a very reasonable thought to believe that both Moses and Alma, like Elijah and John [the Revelator], were translated to accomplish some work which the Lord had in store for them at some future day” (Answers to Gospel Questions, 5:38). When righteous individuals are translated, their bodies are changed so they are not subject to mortal pain or death. Sometimes translated beings are taken from the earth without experiencing death in order to fulfill the Lord’s purposes. Translated beings, however, will undergo a future change as they pass from a translated state to a resurrected state.

Studying the Scriptures

Do two of the following activities (A–C) as you study Alma 45.

Activity A iconAn Interview with Alma

Alma 45:1–8 contains Alma’s interview with his son Helaman. Pretend Alma was interviewing you. Write Alma’s questions and how you would answer them.

Activity B iconGive Your Opinion

Review Alma 45:9–14.

  1. 1.

    Summarize the important prophecy that Alma asked Helaman to keep secret.

  2. 2.

    Write your opinion as to why the prophecy needed to be kept secret.

  3. 3.

    What does this prophecy teach us about Alma's ability to prophesy and see the future as a gift from God?

Activity C iconTranslated Beings

Read Alma 45:18–19, the statement by President Joseph Fielding Smith in the “Understanding the Scriptures” section for Alma 45:18–19, and the information in the Topical Guide under the heading “Translated Beings” (pp. 534–35). Write at least three truths you learned about translated beings from each of those three sources.