Ether 15: The End of the Jaredite Society

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 196

The end had come for the Jaredites. Did any survive? What happened to the prophet Ether? As you read Moroni’s description of the destruction of the Jaredites, remember that the Nephites brought about their own destruction in a similar way. What might Moroni have remembered as he wrote about the Jaredites? Think about the lessons we must learn from these once great nations.
Coriantumr over the body of Shiz

Understanding the Scriptures

Ether 15

Every whit (v. 3)Every detail, all of them
Lamentation (v. 16)Weeping, mourning
Rend (vv. 16–17)Pierce

Studying the Scriptures

Do two of the following activities (A–C) as you study Ether 15.

Activity A iconWrite a Letter

Review Ether 15:1–12 and write a letter you think Coriantumr might have written to his family.

Activity B iconExplain Why

Carefully read Ether 15:19 and write a paragraph that explains why the situation recorded in Ether 15:13–22 was so awful for the Jaredites.

Activity C iconWhat Is the Lesson?

After reading Ether 15:19, write what you think the lesson is that Moroni wanted us to learn from the Jaredite people (see also Omni 1:20–22).