Ether 6: The Jaredites Cross the Ocean

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 190–191

What a dangerous and frightening ride the Jaredites must have had crossing the ocean! Notice how the Lord helped and comforted them. Some time after their arrival in the promised land, the people desired something of the brother of Jared that worried him greatly. As you read, think about why they would ask for what they did, knowing their leader felt as he did.

Understanding the Scriptures

Ether 6

Subsist (v. 4)Survive
Commending (v. 4)Committing, entrusting
Tempests (v. 6)Violent storms
Tight (v. 7)Waterproof
Encompassed (v. 7)Surrounded, covered
Mar (v. 10)Harm, injure
Grievous (v. 23)Very disturbing
Constrain (v. 25)Force, compel

Studying the Scriptures

Do activities A and B as you study Ether 6.

Activity A iconWrite a Journal Entry

Read Ether 6:1–11 and imagine being a passenger on one of the Jaredite barges.

  1. 1.

    Write a journal entry that you think might be typical for one day. Consider including information about the condition of the barges, the traveling conditions, frightening moments, and happy times.

  2. 2.

    Compare the difficulties they faced to the difficulties you face during your life’s journey. Write about what gives you “light” in your life and how your life is blessed because of it.

Christ, young man, stone, barge

Activity B iconMake a Statement to the Press

Imagine television reporters had interviewed Jared and his family concerning the people’s desire to have a king. From what you learn in Ether 6:22–30, write a response you think the following people might have given to the questions:

  • Brother of Jared: “Why are you against having a king?”

  • Jared: “What is your feeling about the idea of a king?”

  • Pagag: “What is your response to your nomination as king?”

  • Orihah: “Why did you accept the nomination as king?”