Ether 9: The Effect of Those Seeking Power and Gain

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 192–193

Ether 9 reveals both the best and the worst of the Jaredite society. In it you will read about wicked kings and righteous kings, sons who were faithful and sons who rebelled against their fathers. As you read, look for how people and kings changed when wickedness increased.

Understanding the Scriptures

Ether 9

Thence (v. 3)That place
Gain (v. 11)Riches
Cureloms and cumoms (v. 19)It is uncertain what kind of animals these were.
Embrace (v. 26)Accept
Dearth (v. 30)Famine or drought
Hedge up (v. 33)Block
Devour (v. 34)Eat up greedily
Revive (v. 35)Gain strength

Ether 9—Who’s Who in Ether 9?

Below is a time line to help you understand the many characters and events in Ether 9.

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A as you study Ether 9.

Activity A iconPrepare a Report

Using Ether 9:1–9, write what Nimrah might have said in his report to Omer about what was happening in the kingdom.