Helaman 3: A Time of Prosperity and Growth

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 146

Helaman 3 includes about 10 years of events among the Nephites. It was a time when the Nephites experienced much prosperity. There was also remarkable growth in the Church. Mormon made special note of what we might learn from this account. Pay special attention to the phrases “and thus we see” and “we see” for those important lessons.Not everything was going well, however. Note the challenges the Nephites faced. What were the causes of those challenges?

Helaman, son of Helaman

Understanding the Scriptures

Helaman 3

Dissensions (vv. 1, 3, 14, 17)Arguments, rebellions
Rendered desolate (vv. 5–6)Ruined, devastated
Proceedings (v. 13)Doings
Equity (v. 20)Fairness
Divide asunder (v. 29)Expose and destroy
Cunning (v. 29)Cleverness, deceitfulness
Snares (v. 29)Traps
Wiles (v. 29)Deceptions
Engulf (v. 29)Swallow up
Consolation (v. 35)Comfort
Sanctification (v. 35)Making clean and pure
Yielding (v. 35)Giving, submitting

Studying the Scriptures

Do two of the following activities (A–C) as you study Helaman 3.

Activity A iconMake a Time Line

Throughout Helaman 3 are dates. Each verse listed on the following time line has an accompanying event and the year that event occurred. In your notebook, draw a time line similar to the one below and complete it with what you learn in Helaman 3.

Time Line: Helaman 3


time line


What happened?

Activity B iconExplain the Relationship

According to Helaman 3:1, what is the relationship between pride and dissension?

Activity C iconApply the Scriptures

Imagine that you have a friend who has been struggling with making right choices. Your friend knows the gospel is true, but bad choices have brought feelings of guilt and questions about the possibility of repenting and whether or not repenting is worthwhile. In what specific ways could you use Helaman 3:27–30, 35 to help your friend avoid temptation, return to the Church, and increase his or her faith in Jesus Christ?