Mormon 4: "It Is by the Wicked That the Wicked Are Punished"

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 181

In Mormon 3 we read that Mormon refused to be the commander of the Nephite armies because of their hardened hearts and delight in shedding blood continually. Mormon continued, however, to watch and make a record of his people. As you read Mormon 4, look for any changes in the Nephites’ attitudes or success in battle.

Understanding the Scriptures

Mormon 4

Smitten (v. 4)Defeated
Repulsed (v. 8)Denied their objective
Persisted (v. 10)Continued steadily
Carnage (v. 11)Dead bodies, slaughter

Studying the Scriptures

Do activity A or B as you study Mormon 4.

Activity A iconWrite a Quiz

Write a short quiz that covers what you think are the three to five most important ideas or events in Mormon 4. You may write it as a “true or false” quiz or as questions with short answers. Include an answer key that lists the verse or verses in which each answer is found.

Activity B iconRefused to Repent

In Mormon 4:10–18, mark those verses you feel describe what happened to the Nephites because they refused to repent. Write how you think the Nephites felt during that time and why.