Moroni 1-3: The Authority of the Priesthood

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide, (2000), 197–198

Imagine being alone. You have no home, your friends and family have been killed, and their murderers now seek your life. This was Moroni’s situation as he finished his father’s record. Although he thought he did not have much time to write, he was careful to add what he thought would be valuable to future generations. As you read Moroni 1–3, look for important doctrines and ordinances of the gospel and principles of Church government.

Understanding the Scriptures

Moroni 1

An end of abridging (v. 1)Completion of a shortened version
Contrary to (v. 4)Different from, opposite to

Moroni 2

Disciples (v. 1)The twelve Church leaders among the Nephites

Moroni 3

Ordain (vv. 1, 3–4)Give priesthood authority to

Studying the Scriptures

Do two of the following activities (A–C) as you study Moroni 1–3.

Activity A iconWrite a Thank-You Note

Review Moroni 1 and write a thank-you note to Moroni that specifically recognizes the challenges he faced and your appreciation for his work.

Activity B iconExplain it to a Nonmember


Suppose a nonmember friend visited your sacrament meeting and saw a person confirmed a member of the Church. Using Moroni 2, write what you would say to your friend about this ordinance and the power by which the gift of the Holy Ghost is given.

Activity C iconMake an Outline

Your bishop or branch president has asked you to teach a young man about the Aaronic Priesthood by using Moroni 3. Write an outline of what you would teach.