Calling Members to Serve in Church Positions

“Calling Members to Serve in Church Positions,” Branch Guidebook (2001), 9

When calling members to serve in Church positions, priesthood leaders should interview each person privately to learn whether the person is worthy to serve; whether the person has the ability, desire, and time to do the work of the calling; and whether the person’s family situation will allow him or her to serve.


If the leader feels, through inspiration, that the person is right for the position, he asks the person to accept the calling, making clear that it comes from the Lord. He explains plainly the duties and blessings of the calling and informs the person that he or she will be released after an appropriate time of service.

Before calling a married woman to a position, a leader should confer with her husband and ensure that he will support her. When calling a man to a position, a leader should ensure that the man’s wife will support him. A leader should confer with the parents before calling a child or youth to serve in a Church position.