Church History in the Fulness of Times Teacher Manual

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Lesson 1Prelude to the Restoration1
Lesson 2Joseph Smith’s New England Heritage2–3
Lesson 3The First Vision4–5
Lesson 4A Period of Preparation, 1823–296–8
Lesson 5Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon and Restoration of the Priesthood9–11
Lesson 6Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ12–13
Lesson 7The Infant Church Expands14–15
Lesson 8Gathering to Ohio16–17
Lesson 9Gathering to the Land of Zion18–19
Lesson 10Development of the Church in Ohio, 1831–3420–21
Lesson 11Expulsion from Jackson County22–23
Lesson 12Zion’s Camp24–25
Lesson 13Glorious Days in Kirtland, 1834–3626–27
Lesson 14The Apostasy in Kirtland, 1836–3828–29
Lesson 15The Church in Northern Missouri, 1836–3830–31
Lesson 16Missouri Persecutions and Expulsion32–33
Lesson 17Refuge in Illinois34–35
Lesson 18The Mission of the Twelve36–37
Lesson 19Life in Nauvoo the Beautiful38–39
Lesson 20Doctrinal Developments in Nauvoo40
Lesson 21Growing Conflict in Illinois41–42
Lesson 22The Martyrdom43–44
Lesson 23The Twelve to Bear Off the Kingdom45–47
Lesson 24Nauvoo under Apostolic Leadership48–49
Lesson 25The Trek across Iowa50–51
Lesson 26Pioneers to the West52–53
Lesson 27Establishing a Refuge in Deseret54
Lesson 28Utah in Isolation55–56
Lesson 29The Utah War57
Lesson 30The Civil War Period58–59
Lesson 31The Quest for Self-Sufficiency60–61
Lesson 32Brigham Young’s Presidency: The Final Decade62–63
Lesson 33A Decade of Persecution, 1877–8764–65
Lesson 34An Era of Reconciliation66–67
Lesson 35The Church at the Turn of the Century68
Lesson 36The Church in the Early Twentieth Century69
Lesson 37Moving Forward into the New Century70–71
Lesson 38Change and Consistency72–73
Lesson 39The Church during the Great Depression74–75
Lesson 40The Saints during World War II76–77
Lesson 41Postwar Recovery78–79
Lesson 42Growth into a Worldwide Church80
Lesson 43An Era of Correlation and Consolidation81–82
Lesson 44The Church Lengthens Its Stride83–84
Lesson 45Meeting the Needs of a Worldwide Church85–87
Lesson 46A Period of Challenge and Growth88–89
Lesson 47Continued Growth during the Early 1990s90–92
Lesson 48The Church Comes out of Obscurity93–95
Lesson 49The Destiny of the Church96–98