Church History in the Fulness of Times Teacher Manual

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Lesson 1Lesson 1: Prelude to the Restoration1 
Lesson 2Lesson 2: Joseph Smith’s New England Heritage2–3 
Lesson 3Lesson 3: The First Vision4–5 
Lesson 4Lesson 4: A Period of Preparation, 1823-296–8 
Lesson 5Lesson 5: Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon and Restoration of the Priesthood9–11 
Lesson 6Lesson 6: Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ12–13 
Lesson 7Lesson 7: The Infant Church Expands14–15 
Lesson 8Lesson 8: Gathering to Ohio16–17 
Lesson 9Lesson 9: Gathering to the Land of Zion18–19 
Lesson 10Lesson 10: Development of the Church in Ohio, 1831-3420–21 
Lesson 11Lesson 11: Expulsion from Jackson County22–23 
Lesson 12Lesson 12: Zion’s Camp24–25 
Lesson 13Lesson 13: Glorious Days in Kirtland, 1834-3626–27 
Lesson 14Lesson 14: The Apostasy in Kirtland, 1836-3828–29 
Lesson 15Lesson 15: The Church in Northern Missouri, 1836-3830–31 
Lesson 16Lesson 16: Missouri Persecutions and Expulsion32–33 
Lesson 17Lesson 17: Refuge in Illinois34–35 
Lesson 18Lesson 18: The Mission of the Twelve36–37 
Lesson 19Lesson 19: Life in Nauvoo the Beautiful38–39 
Lesson 20Lesson 20: Doctrinal Developments in Nauvoo40 
Lesson 21Lesson 21: Growing Conflict in Illinois41–42 
Lesson 22Lesson 22: The Martyrdom43–44 
Lesson 23Lesson 23: The Twelve to Bear Off the Kingdom45–47 
Lesson 24Lesson 24: Nauvoo under Apostolic Leadership48–49 
Lesson 25Lesson 25: The Trek across Iowa50–51 
Lesson 26Lesson 26: Pioneers to the West52–53 
Lesson 27Lesson 27: Establishing a Refuge in Deseret54 
Lesson 28Lesson 28: Utah in Isolation55–56 
Lesson 29Lesson 29: The Utah War57 
Lesson 30Lesson 30: The Civil War Period58–59 
Lesson 31Lesson 31: The Quest for Self-Sufficiency60–61 
Lesson 32Lesson 32: Brigham Young’s Presidency: The Final Decade62–63 
Lesson 33Lesson 33: A Decade of Persecution, 1877-8764–65 
Lesson 34Lesson 34: An Era of Reconciliation66–67 
Lesson 35Lesson 35: The Church at the Turn of the Century68 
Lesson 36Lesson 36: The Church in the Early Twentieth Century69 
Lesson 37Lesson 37: Moving Forward into the New Century70–71 
Lesson 38Lesson 38: Change and Consistency72–73 
Lesson 39Lesson 39: The Church During the Great Depression74–75 
Lesson 40Lesson 40: The Saints During World War II76–77 
Lesson 41Lesson 41: Postwar Recovery78–79 
Lesson 42Lesson 42: Growth into a Worldwide Church80 
Lesson 43Lesson 43: An Era of Correlation and Consolidation81–82 
Lesson 44Lesson 44: The Church Lengthens Its Stride83–84 
Lesson 45Lesson 45: Meeting the Needs of a Worldwide Church85–87 
Lesson 46Lesson 46: A Period of Challenge and Growth88–89 
Lesson 47Lesson 47: Continued Growth during the Early 1990s90–92 
Lesson 48Lesson 48: The Church Comes out of Obscurity93–95 
Lesson 49Lesson 49: The Destiny of the Church96–98