Chapter 6

Common Questions for Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith, 2012

Applying the Lesson to Our Time

You may find that parts of this lesson help members answer questions about prophets. The material below could be a starting point for members to form their own answers to such questions. However, discussing these questions should not replace the main focus of the lesson.

How does the prophet lead the Church?

God has revealed many things over the ages through prophets. Prophets testify of Jesus Christ, teach His gospel, and make known God’s will. While the prophet of God receives revelation and inspiration to guide the Church as a whole, revelation flows at every level, including to the leaders of congregations and to individual families and members. In fact, individual members are expected to seek that kind of divine guidance to help them in their own lives. Members are also expected to prayerfully seek their own conviction of the principles their leaders teach them.

How can you form your own answers to this and other gospel questions?

  • Study by Topic: Prophets

  • You may find additional resources to form your own answers in the scriptures, the Church magazines, and online from the LDS Newsroom.