Doctrine and Covenants 35

Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Seminary Teacher Resource Manual, (2001), 70–71


Sidney Rigdon was a minister in Mentor, Ohio, near Kirtland. He was baptized when he heard the message of the restored gospel in 1830. Soon after his baptism, he traveled with Edward Partridge to Fayette, New York, to meet the Prophet. In section 35, Sidney Rigdon was called to be the Prophet Joseph Smith’s scribe and help with the translation of the Bible.

Some Important Gospel Principles to Look For

Additional Resources

  • Church History in the Fulness of Times: Religion 341–43, pp. 82–83.

  • Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual: Religion 324–325, pp. 70–72.

Suggestions for Teaching

Doctrine and Covenants 35:1–2. The Atonement helps us become one with Jesus Christ as He is one with the Father.

(15–20 minutes)

Display pictures of newlyweds in front of the temple (Gospel Art Picture Kit, no. 609) and a family praying (no. 606). Ask: How do these pictures illustrate oneness? Point to the newlyweds and ask: Which of these individuals constitutes the marriage? (see Genesis 2:24). Point to the family praying and ask: Which individual constitutes the family?

Write Atonement on the board and ask students to identify a shorter word inside this word. Circle the word one and ask: Who can the Atonement of Jesus Christ make us one with?

Have students read Doctrine and Covenants 35:1–2 and tell what kind of oneness they think these verses refer to (see also John 17:11–23). Help students find as many truths as they can in Doctrine and Covenants 35:1–2 about who the Savior is, what He has done for us, and why, and write them on the board. Write on the board John 17:20–23; Mosiah 5:2–8; D&C 25:1; Moses 6:64–68. Have students search these references (they could work alone or in groups). Have them report on how the Atonement helps us become children of God and one with Him.

Read Moses 7:18 and ask: What happened to these people when they became “of one heart and one mind”? Invite students to tell what they would like most about being in a family, class, school, or community where everyone was “one.”

Doctrine and Covenants 35:8–11. Miracles and wonders always accompany the faithful followers of Christ and are signs of the true Church.

(15–20 minutes)

Have students name several miracles Jesus performed during His mortal ministry, and list their responses on the board. Ask:

  • Why are miracles performed?

  • How do miracles show the compassion of Jesus Christ?

  • How do miracles witness of Jesus Christ as the Son of God?

Read Doctrine and Covenants 35:8–11 to find what must happen for miracles to take place today. Ask:

  • To whom does the Lord show miracles?

  • What must those who believe do in order for miracles to occur?

  • What can keep miracles from happening?

  • Read Mormon 9:15–21. How do these verses relate to these questions?

Share the following account. Many years ago Ella Jensen, President Lorenzo Snow’s 19-year-old niece, contracted scarlet fever and died. Ella’s parents sent for President Snow, who came with Rudger Clawson, Ella’s stake president and later President of the Quorum of the Twelve. President Clawson relates:

“As we entered the home we met Sister Jensen, who was very much agitated and alarmed. We came to Ella’s bedside. …

“Turning to me President Snow said: ‘Brother Clawson, will you anoint her,’ which I did. We then laid our hands upon her head and the anointing was confirmed by President Snow, who blessed her and among other things, used this very extraordinary expression, in a commanding tone of voice, ‘Come back, Ella, come back. Your work upon the earth is not yet completed, come back.’”

Ella’s father, Jacob Jensen, continues the account:

“After President Snow had finished the blessing, he turned to my wife and me and said; ‘Now do not mourn or grieve any more. It will be all right. Brother Clawson and I are busy and must go. …’

“Ella remained in this condition for more than an hour after President Snow administered to her, or more than three hours in all after she died. We were sitting there watching by the bedside, her mother and myself, when all at once she opened her eyes. She looked about the room, saw us sitting there, but still looked for someone else, and the first thing she said was: ‘Where is he? Where is he?’ We asked, ‘Who? Where is who?’ ‘Why, Brother Snow,’ she replied. ‘He called me back.’” (in LeRoi C. Snow, “Raised from the Dead,” Improvement Era, Sept. 1929, 885–86).

Ella recovered from her illness, served in the Church, married Henry Wight, and eventually had eight children.

Share this statement by President Spencer W. Kimball: “Today the libraries would bulge their walls if all the miracles of our own time were recorded” (“President Kimball Speaks Out on Administration to the Sick,” New Era, Oct. 1981, 48). Testify that miracles still occur today. If prompted by the Spirit, share a miracle you have witnessed.