Doctrine and Covenants 36

Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Seminary Teacher Resource Manual, (2001), 71–72


In section 36 the Lord called Edward Partridge to preach the gospel and told him that his sins were forgiven him. “To properly function in such a calling … requires a worthiness level that exists with those who become free from their sins. Edward Partridge had the joy of knowing that he was embarking on his call under these favorable conditions.

“Everyone who serves in the Lord’s kingdom does so under [the] authority of others who are authorized representatives of the Lord. As a new convert coming into the Lord’s church, Edward Partridge was taught this important fundamental principle” (Otten and Caldwell, Sacred Truths, 1:176).

Some Important Gospel Principles to Look For

Additional Resources

  • Church History in the Fulness of Times: Religion 341–43, pp. 82–83.

  • Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual: Religion 324–325, pp. 72–73.

Suggestions for Teaching

Doctrine and Covenants 36:1–3, 6. We must be free from sin to come unto Christ. If we are, we can obtain peace through the Spirit.

(10–15 minutes)

Show students a dirty T-shirt and ask:

  • What should be done before anyone wears this again?

  • Would your answer change if the shirt was last worn by a person with a contagious disease?

Tell students that in Old Testament times clothing that was infected with leprosy was burned (see Leviticus 13:52).

Read Doctrine and Covenants 36:6 and ask: How is contact with sin like contact with disease? Read verses 1–3 and discuss what comes to those who repent of their sins.

Review with your students the principles in For the Strength of Youth. Discuss how the commandments and Church standards help us avoid spiritual disease.