Doctrine and Covenants 116

Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Seminary Teacher Resource Manual, (2001), 197


Places like Bethlehem, the Sacred Grove, and the Hill Cumorah are sacred because of the events that occurred there. Another sacred place is Adam-ondi-Ahman in Daviess County, Missouri. Here Adam gathered his righteous posterity before his death and “predicted whatsoever should befall [them] unto the latest generation” (D&C 107:56; see vv. 53–55). Adam-ondi-Ahman will also be the setting of an important gathering in the last days. Elder Bruce R. McConkie described it as “the greatest congregation of faithful saints ever assembled on planet earth. It will be a sacrament meeting. It will be a day of judgment for the faithful of all the ages” (The Millennial Messiah, 579).

Some Important Gospel Principles to Look For

Additional Resources

  • Church History in the Fulness of Times: Religion 341–43, pp. 187–89.

  • Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual: Religion 324–325, pp. 287–88.

Suggestions for Teaching

Note: For ideas on teaching Doctrine and Covenants 116, see the teaching suggestions for Doctrine and Covenants 27:5–14 and 107:40–57, as well as the information for section 107 in the student study guide.