Doctrine and Covenants 97: Temples and Zion

Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Student Study Guide, (2005), 110–111

As you have learned in your study of the Doctrine and Covenants, one of the purposes of the Restoration of the gospel in the latter days is to establish Zion—a pure people prepared to meet their God and live in His presence. InDoctrine and Covenants 97, the Lord spoke more about Zion, and especially what would help Zion “prosper, and spread herself and become very glorious” (v. 18). Carefully consider what the Lord taught in this revelation because it also applies to us today as we k to build and establish Zion.

Understanding the Scriptures

Doctrine and Covenants 97

Subjected to(section heading)Made to endure 
Severe(section heading)Very difficult or intense 
Abideth in me(v. 3)Continues being obedient to me 
Multiplicity(vv. 5, 28)Great number 
Residue(v. 6)Rest, remaining number 
Yieldeth(v. 9)Produces 
House(vv. 10, 12, 15)Temple 
Defiled(vv. 15, 17)Made unclean 
Terrible(v. 18)Dreadful to enemies, formidable 
Vengeance(vv. 22, 26)Judgment for evil actions 
Scourge(v. 23)Punishment 
Vex(v. 23)Disturb, trouble 
Stayed(v. 23)Held back 
Indignation(v. 24)Displeasure, anger 

Doctrine and Covenants 97:3–6—The School in Zion

Parley P. Pratt presided over a school in Missouri. It was called the School of the Elders and consisted of about sixty students who met out in the open air once a week. Many great and marvelous things were manifest and taught at this school.

Doctrine and Covenants 97:21—“Zion—THE PURE IN HEART

President Spencer W. Kimball explained: “Zion consists of the pure in heart—those who are sanctified and whose garments are washed white through the blood of the Lamb (Alma 13:11). These are they who take charity as a mantle and serve others out of a pure heart” (in Conference Report, Sept.–Oct. 1978, 114; orEnsign,Nov. 1978, 76).

Studying the Scriptures

Do two of the following activities (A–D) as you studyDoctrine and Covenants 97.

Activity A iconDevelop a Definition

InDoctrine and Covenants 97:2, the Lord said that He shows mercy to the meek. A clue to whatmeeknessmeans is found at the end of verse 1. Using the study helps in the Latter-day Saint editions of the scriptures, look up additional scriptures on meekness. Then write whatmeeknessmeans and list at least two reasons why you would want to be described as a meek person.

Activity B iconAccepted of the Lord

Imagine that a friend said to you: “I know the Church is true and I want to do what is right. How do I know if the way I’m living my life is acceptable to the Lord?” Answer the question by explainingDoctrine and Covenants 97:8–9. Write in your notebook what you would say.

Activity C iconWrite Questions

InDoctrine and Covenants 97:10–19, the Lord explained several important principles related to building a temple in Zion (Missouri). Write at least four questions about temples that could be answered by principles taught in these verses. These principles apply to temple building in our day as well.

Activity D iconReasons for a Temple Recommend

ReadDoctrine and Covenants 97:15–17and answer the following questions:

  1. 1.

    Why isn’t everyone allowed to enter temples and participate in the ordinances?

  2. 2.

    Why should we be honest about our worthiness to attend the temple?