Doctrine and Covenants Instructor’s Guide: Religion 324-325

Chapter Title Page

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Lesson 1“Search These Commandments”1–2
Lesson 2The Voice of Warning3–4
Lesson 3The Lost Manuscript5–6
Lesson 4Witnesses to the Book of Mormon7–8
Lesson 5The Spirit of Revelation9–10
Lesson 6Two Men Called John11–12
Lesson 7Qualifications for Service13–14
Lesson 8The Worth of Souls15–16
Lesson 9The Restoration of the Church of Christ17–18
Lesson 10Moving the Cause of Zion in Mighty Power19–20
Lesson 11Counsel for an Elect Lady21–22
Lesson 12“Take upon You My Whole Armor”23–24
Lesson 13Prepare for the Days to Come25–26
Lesson 14“Thrust in Your Sickle”27–28
Lesson 15Preparation for a Greater Work29–30
Lesson 16“Let Every Man Esteem His Brother As Himself”31–32
Lesson 17The Lord’s Law to the Church33–34
Lesson 18True Disciples and Faithful Stewards35–36
Lesson 19Looking Forth to the Great Day of the Lord37–38
Lesson 20“To Every Man Is Given a Gift”39–40
Lesson 21A Call to Forsake the World41–42
Lesson 22Laying the Foundation of Zion43–44
Lesson 23A Commission to Testify45–46
Lesson 24“The Lord Requireth the Heart and a Willing Mind”47–48
Lesson 25The Everlasting Covenant: The Fulness of the Gospel49–50
Lesson 26Laborers in the Vineyard51–52
Lesson 27Plain and Precious Truths Restored53–54
Lesson 28The Vision, Part 155–56
Lesson 29The Vision, Part 257–58
Lesson 30The Law of Consecration and Stewardship, Part 159–60
Lesson 31The Law of Consecration and Stewardship, Part 261–62
Lesson 32The Priesthood of the Living God63–64
Lesson 33Refuge in Times of Peril65–66
Lesson 34The Olive Leaf, Part 167–68
Lesson 35The Olive Leaf, Part 269–70
Lesson 36The Word of Wisdom71–72
Lesson 37“The Glory of God Is Intelligence”73–74
Lesson 38Building the Kirtland Temple75–76
Lesson 39Renounce War, Proclaim the Gospel of Peace77–78
Lesson 40“Zion Shall Not Be Moved Out of Her Place”79–80
Lesson 41The Principles and Purposes of Church Courts81–82
Lesson 42The Order of the Priesthood83–84
Lesson 43Dedication and Acceptance of the Kirtland Temple85–86
Lesson 44The Mission of the Twelve87–88
Lesson 45Seek First the Kingdom of God89–90
Lesson 46The Doctrine of the Priesthood: The Pathway to Power91–92
Lesson 47Building the Nauvoo Temple93–94
Lesson 48The Sealing Powers of the Priesthood95–96
Lesson 49Important Items of Doctrine97–98
Lesson 50The Way to Eternal Life99–100
Lesson 51Eternal Marriage101–2
Lesson 52The Second Coming of Jesus Christ103–4
Lesson 53A Statement on Government105–6
Lesson 54Joseph Smith—Prophet of the Restoration107–8
Lesson 55The Redemption of the Dead109–10
Lesson 56The Doctrine and Covenants: A Conclusion111–12