Doctrine and Covenants Stories

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IntroductionBefore the Doctrine and Covenants1–5
Chapter 1Joseph Smith and His Family6–8
Chapter 2Joseph Smith’s First Vision9–12
Chapter 3The Angel Moroni and the Gold Plates13–17
Chapter 4Martin Harris and the Lost Pages18–21
Chapter 5Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery22–25
Chapter 6Joseph and Oliver Are Given the Priesthood26–30
Chapter 7Witnesses See the Gold Plates31–33
Chapter 8Getting Ready for the Church of Jesus Christ34–39
Chapter 9Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ40–42
Chapter 10The First Miracle in the Church43–44
Map 1:Where the Church Started45
Chapter 11More People Join the Church46–47
Chapter 12Samuel Smith’s Mission48–50
Chapter 13Joseph and Emma51–55
Chapter 14The Prophet and Revelations for the Church56–57
Chapter 15A Mission to the Lamanites58–60
Chapter 16Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon Learn about Zion61–63
Chapter 17The First Bishops of the Church64–66
Chapter 18The Law of the Church67–69
Chapter 19The Second Coming of Jesus Christ70–76
Chapter 20Gifts of the Spirit77–80
Chapter 21A Revelation to Settle in Missouri81–83
Chapter 22Saints Begin to Settle in Missouri84–88
Map 2:Ohio and Missouri89
Chapter 23The Doctrine and Covenants90–92
Chapter 24Parents Should Teach Their Children93–95
Chapter 25Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon Go on a Mission96
Chapter 26The Three Kingdoms of Heaven97–103
Chapter 27The Prophet Continues His Work Despite Persecution104–7
Chapter 28The Prophet Joseph Goes to Missouri Again108–12
Chapter 29A Revelation about the Priesthood113–16
Chapter 30A Revelation about War117–18
Chapter 31The Word of Wisdom119–22
Chapter 32The Church of Jesus Christ in Kirtland123–25
Chapter 33A Revelation about Jesus Christ126–27
Chapter 34God Warns the People of Zion128–31
Chapter 35The Saints Leave Jackson County, Missouri132–34
Chapter 36Zion’s Camp135–39
Chapter 37Priesthood Leaders140–44
Chapter 38The Pearl of Great Price145–50
Chapter 39The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated151–54
Chapter 40Visions in the Kirtland Temple155–57
Chapter 41Trouble in Kirtland158–60
Chapter 42Far West, Missouri161–63
Chapter 43Jesus Christ Names His Church164
Chapter 44Tithing165–66
Chapter 45More Mobs in Missouri167–71
Chapter 46Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail172–74
Chapter 47The Saints Leave Missouri175
Chapter 48Joseph Smith Asks the President for Help176–79
Chapter 49Missionaries in Other Lands180–82
Chapter 50The Saints in Nauvoo183–84
Chapter 51The First Endowments185
Chapter 52The Relief Society186–89
Map 3:Nauvoo, Council Bluffs, and Winter Quarters190
Chapter 53Trouble in Nauvoo191–93
Chapter 54God and Angels194–97
Chapter 55A Revelation about Marriage198
Chapter 56More Trouble for the Saints199–200
Chapter 57The Prophet Is Killed201–5
Chapter 58A New Leader for the Church206–8
Chapter 59Endowments Are Performed in the Nauvoo Temple209–10
Chapter 60The Saints Leave Nauvoo211–16
Chapter 61The Mormon Battalion217–21
Chapter 62The Saints Establish Winter Quarters222–24
Chapter 63The Pioneers Go to the Salt Lake Valley225–28
Map 4:Settlement in Utah229
Chapter 64The Saints in the Rocky Mountains230–33
Map 5:Movement of the Saints in Early Church History234–35
Chapter 65The Church of Jesus Christ Today236–37
 Words to Know239–42
 Places to Know243–44
 People to Know245–46
 Scenes from Church History247–49
 Presidents of the Church250