Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual

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IntroductionThe Doctrine and Covenants:1–2
Sections 1–9  
Section 1The Lord’s Preface:3–6
Section 2“The Promises Made to the Fathers”6–8
Section 3“The Works and the Designs … of God Cannot Be Frustrated”9–11
Section 4"O Ye That Embark in the Service of God"11–12
Section 5The Testimony of Three Witnesses12–14
Section 6The Arrival of Oliver Cowdery14–16
Section 7John the Revelator17–18
Section 8The Spirit of Revelation18–19
Section 9“Your Bosom Shall Burn within You”20–21
Sections 10–20  
Section 10God’s Wisdom “Is Greater Than the Cunning of the Devil”20–21
Section 11“First Seek to Obtain My Word”24–26
Section 12Revelation to Joseph Knight Sr.26–27
Section 13The Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood28–29
Section 14Revelation to David Whitmer29–30
Sections 15–16Revelations to John Whitmer and Peter Whitmer Jr.31
Section 17Revelation to the Three Witnesses32–34
Section 18The Worth of a Soul34–36
Section 19The Gift of Repentance36–39
Section 20The Articles and Covenants of the Church39–43
Sections 21-29  
Section 21“His Word Ye Shall Receive, As If from Mine Own Mouth”43–46
Section 22Baptism: A New and Everlasting Covenant46–47
Section 23“Strengthen the Church Continually”47–48
Section 24“Declare My Gospel As with the Voice of a Trump”48–50
Section 25“An Elect Lady”50–53
Section 26The Law of Common Consent54
Section 27“When Ye Partake of the Sacrament”55–56
Section 28“Thou Shalt Not Command Him Who Is at Thy Head”57–59
Section 29Prepare against the Day of Tribulation59–63
Sections 30-40  
Section 30“Your Mind Has Been on the Things of the Earth”64
Section 31“Govern Your House”65
Section 32The First Mission among the Lamanites66–67
Section 33“Declare My Gospel”67–68
Section 34A Revelation to Orson Pratt69–70
Section 35“I Have … Prepared Thee for a Greater Work”70–72
Section 36Revelation to Edward Partridge72–73
Section 37“Ye Shall Go to the Ohio”74
Section 38“If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear”75–79
Sections 39–40Revelations to James Covill79–80
Sections 41-49  
Section 41The First Bishop Is Called81–82
Section 42The Law of the Lord82–86
Section 43“The Lord Shall Utter His Voice out of Heaven”87–90
Section 44The Fourth General Church Conference90–91
Section 45“Looking Forth for the Great Day of the Lord”91–98
Section 46“Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”98–102
Section 47The Importance of Church Records102–103
Section 48Ohio: A Temporary Abode103–104
Section 49“Preach My Gospel unto the Shakers”104–107
Sections 50-59  
Section 50“That Which Doth Not Edify Is Not of God”107–110
Section 51Bishop Edward Partridge and the Law of Consecration110–112
Section 52“Let Them Go Two by Two”112–113
Section 53A Call to Sidney Gilbert to Forsake the World113–114
Section 54“Stand Fast in the Office Whereunto I Have Appointed You”114–115
Section 55W. W. Phelps Is Called and Chosen155
Section 56The Lord Commands and the Lord Revokes117–118
Section 57Independence: Center Place of Zion118–119
Section 58The Land of Zion119–124
Section 59“That Thou Mayest More Fully Keep Thyself Unspotted from the World”124–129
Sections 60-68  
Section 60“Thou Shalt Not Idle Away Thy Time nor Bury Thy Talents”130–131
Section 61The Lord Has Blessed the Land and Cursed the Waters131–132
Section 62“Ye Are Blessed, for the Testimony Ye Have Borne”132–133
Section 63“For This Is a Day of Warning, and Not a Day of Many Words”133–135
Section 64“Of You It Is Required to Forgive All Men”136–139
Section 65“May the Kingdom of God Go Forth, That the Kingdom of Heaven May Come”139–140
Section 66“You Are Clean, but Not All”140–141
Section 67I Give You a Testimony of the Truth of These Commandments141–143
Section 68Scripture Is the Will, Mind, Word, Voice, and Power of God unto Salvation143–146
Sections 69-80  
Section 69Instructions to Preserve Historical Records147–148
Section 70The Lord’s Stewards149–150
Section 71“If Any Man Lift His Voice against You”150–151
Section 72Duties of a Bishop151–153
Section 73Revision of the Bible153–154
Section 74Little Children Are Holy155
Section 75“Neither Be Idle but Labor with Your Might”156–158
Section 76The Vision of the Degrees of Glory158–166
Section 77Questions and Answers on the Book of Revelation167–171
Section 78Consecration: An Everlasting Covenant171–173
Section 79The Lord Will Bless His Faithful Servants173–174
Section 80“Declare the Things Which Ye Have Heard, and Verily Believe, and Know to Be True”174
Sections 81–89  
Section 81The Call of Frederick G. Williams175–177
Section 82“I, the Lord, Am Bound When Ye Do What I Say”177–179
Section 83The Laws of the Church Concerning Widows and Orphans179–180
Section 84The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood180–185
Section 85Those Who Put Forth Their Hands “to Steady the Ark”186–188
Section 86The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares189–192
Section 87War in the Last Days192–196
Section 88The Olive Leaf197–206
Section 89The Word of Wisdom206–211
Sections 90-100  
Section 90The Oracles of God212–215
Section 91The Apocrypha215–216
Section 92“You Shall Be a Lively Member”216
Section 93“Truth Is Knowledge of Things …”217–222
Section 94Houses for the Work of the Ministry223–224
Section 95“Walking in Darkness at Noon-day”224–226
Section 96This Stake Should Be Made Strong226–227
Section 97“This Is Zion—the Pure in Heart”228–230
Section 98“Renounce War and Proclaim Peace”230–234
Section 99The Word of the Lord to John Murdock235–236
Section 100Words of Comfort to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon 
Sections 101–109  
Section 101The Saints Are “Cast Out from the Land of Their Inheritance”238–245
Section 102The Constitution of the High Council245–247
Section 103The Redemption of Zion by Power248–249
Section 104The Order of the Church for the Benefit of the Poor252–256
Section 105Revelation to Zion’s Camp257–261
Section 106“That Ye May Be the Children of Light”261
Section 107The Organization of Priesthood Quorums262–269
Section 108Obedience Brings Blessings269–270
Section 109Prayer of Dedication for the Kirtland Temple270–274
Sections 110-121  
Section 110Messengers with Keys274–277
Section 111The Greatest Treasure277–279
Section 112The Word of the Lord to the Twelve279–282
Section 113Isaiah Interpreted283–184
Section 114Revelation to David W. Patten284–285
Section 115“For Thus Shall My Church Be Called in the Last Days”285–287
Section 116Grand Council288–290
Section 117Revelation to William Marks, Newel K. Whitney, and Oliver Granger288–290
Section 118Revelation to the Twelve 
Section 119The Law of Tithing292–294
Section 120Disposition of Church Funds294–295
Section 121Constitution of the Priesthood295–300
Sections 122-131  
Section 122“All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience”301–302
Section 123Documenting Persecution: An Imperative Duty302–303
Section 124A Solemn Proclamation: The Priesthood Order Is Established304–311
Section 125The Will of God for the Saints in Iowa311–312
Section 126Brigham Young: Well Beloved of the Lord313–314
Section 127The Nauvoo Temple and Baptism for the Dead314–315
Section 128Baptism for the Dead316–319
Section 129Keys for Determining If Administrations Are from God319–321
Section 130Items of Instructions321–324
Section 131Keys to Exaltation324–326
Sections 132-138  
Section 132Marriage: An Eternal Covenant327–334
Section 133The Lord’s Appendix to the Doctrine and Covenants335–343
Section 134Earthly Governments and Laws344–347
Section 135A Tribute to the Martyrs348–350
Section 136Organization of the Camp of Zion350–353
Section 137Vision of the Celestial Kingdom353–356
Section 138Vision of the Redemption of the Dead356–361
Official Declaration 1Manifesto 
Official Declaration 2“Every Faithful, Worthy Man”364–365
Enrichment AThe Warning Voice365–368
Enrichment BEstablishing Zion369–374
Enrichment CReceiving Personal Revelation375–380
Enrichment DContributions of the Doctrine and Covenants to an Understanding of Jesus Christ380–385
Enrichment EOvercoming Sin and Obtaining Forgiveness385–388
Enrichment F“As If from Mine Own Mouth”: The Role of Prophets in the Church389–392
Enrichment GThe Nature and Purpose of Law393–397
Enrichment HThe Last Days397–405
Enrichment IJudges in Israel: Watching over the Church406–411
Enrichment JKeys for Avoiding Deception411–416
Enrichment K“Seek Learning, Even by Study and Also by Faith”416–421
Enrichment LThe Law of Consecration and Stewardship421–422
Enrichment MPriesthood and Church Government, Part 1430–438
Enrichment NPriesthood and Church Government, Part 2439–444
Enrichment OSalvation for the Dead445–449