Doctrines of the Gospel Student Manual

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Chapter 1Divine Truth2–3
Chapter 2Revelation: Avenue to Truth4–5
Chapter 3God the Eternal Father6–8
Chapter 4Jesus Christ, the Son of God9–10
Chapter 5The Holy Ghost11–12
Chapter 6Our Premortal Life13–15
Chapter 7The Creation16–18
Chapter 8The Fall19–21
Chapter 9The Atonement of Jesus Christ22–26
Chapter 10The Purpose of Earth Life27–29
Chapter 11The Agency of Man30–31
Chapter 12Prayer and Fasting32–34
Chapter 13Faith, a Power That Centers in Christ35–37
Chapter 14Repentance38–41
Chapter 15The Covenant of Baptism42–43
Chapter 16The Gift of the Holy Ghost44–45
Chapter 17Obedience, a Law of Heaven46–48
Chapter 18Spiritual Rebirth: True Conversion49–50
Chapter 19Eternal Life51–52
Chapter 20The Sacrament, a Memorial Ordinance53–55
Chapter 21The Foreordination of Covenant Israel and Their Responsibilities56–58
Chapter 22The Apostasy59–60
Chapter 23The Restoration of the Gospel in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times61–63
Chapter 24The Scattering and the Gathering of Israel64–66
Chapter 25Priesthood: What It Is, How It Works67–68
Chapter 26The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood69–71
Chapter 27The Law of the Sabbath72–74
Chapter 28Celestial Marriage75–77
Chapter 29The Importance of the Family78–82
Chapter 30Death and the Postmortal Spirit World83–84
Chapter 31The Redemption of the Dead85–86
Chapter 32The Resurrection and the Judgment87–89
Chapter 33Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition90–93
Chapter 34The Signs of the Times94–96
Chapter 35The Fall of Babylon and the Establishment of Zion97–99
Chapter 36The Lord’s Second Coming100–103
Chapter 37The Millennium and the Glorification of the Earth104–6