Eternal Marriage Student Manual

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 Adjustments in Marriage9–10
 Atonement and Eternal Marriage11–13
 Birth Control14–18
 Covenants and Ordinances38–50
 Dating Standards51–58
 Differences Inherent Between Men and Women63–72
 Equality of Men and Women79–80
 Eternal Perspective81–82
 The Family: A Proclamation to the World83–110
 Fidelity in Marriage111–14
 Foundations for Eternal Marriage124–32
 Happiness in Marriage133–35
 Holy Spirit of Promise136
 Intimacy in Marriage139–46
 Jesus Christ147
 Knowledge of Spiritual Things148–51
 Living Together Without Marriage152–53
 Marriage for Eternity167–83
 Marriage Throughout the Years184–87
 Mate Selection188–97
 Men’s Divine Roles and Responsibilities200–218
 Morality and Modesty219–36
 Mothers’ Employment Outside the Home237–40
 Parenthood: Creating a Gospel-Centered Home241–58
 Plan of Salvation259–63
 Priorities and Balance276–82
 Problem Solving in Marriage283–89
 Prophetic Counsel290–93
 Same-Gender Attraction294–302
 Same-Sex Marriage303
 Single Parents311–13
 Temple Preparation314–10
 Temporal Preparedness327–29
 Temptations of Satan and the Natural Man330–36
 Traditions of the Fathers337–41
 Trust in Marriage342–43
 Women’s Divine Roles and Responsibilities347–72
 Sources Cited373–74