Preparing for Young Women

“Preparing for Young Women,” Faith in God for Girls (2003), 12–13

Young Women welcome a new young woman

Complete the following activities while you are 11 years old. They will help you prepare to become a righteous young woman and participate in the Young Women Personal Progress program.

  • After studying the thirteenth article of faith, make a list of things that are uplifting and virtuous. Discuss with a parent or leader how you can seek after these things.

  • Talk with the beehive class presidency or a member of the Young Women presidency about the purpose and importance of the Young Women program.

  • Write in your journal how you can serve the Lord as you stand for truth and righteousness.

  • Read D&C 88:77–80, 118 and D&C 130:19. Discuss with a parent or Primary leader how important a good education is and how it can help strengthen your home and family and in the Church.

  • Read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” Make a list of things you can do to help strengthen your family and make a happy home. Share the list with your parents or Primary leader.