Family Home Evening Resource Book

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 The Familyiv
Family Home Evening Lessons  
Lesson OneBuilding Our Family through Home Evenings3
Lesson TwoThe Commandments—Gifts from a Loving Father7
Lesson ThreeThe Gospel in Our Daily Lives12
Lesson FourStudying the Scriptures Together17
Lesson FiveI Am a Child of God20
Lesson SixNature—Evidence of Heavenly Father’s Love23
Lesson SevenHeavenly Father Answers Our Prayers27
Lesson EightWe Can Choose31
Lesson NineHeavenly Father Provided Us a Savior36
Lesson TenJesus Made Repentance Possible39
Lesson ElevenMy Faith in Christ Can Grow43
Lesson TwelveJesus Is My Example48
Lesson ThirteenBaptism and the Name of Christ52
Lesson FourteenPartaking of the Sacrament56
Lesson FifteenLearning to Recognize the Spirit64
Lesson SixteenGaining a Testimony through the Holy Ghost69
Lesson SeventeenLove at Home74
Lesson EighteenUnity through Family Prayer80
Lesson NineteenThe Priesthood in Our Home84
Lesson TwentyA House of Order89
Lesson Twenty-oneFamily Unity92
Lesson Twenty-twoOur Extended Family95
Lesson Twenty-threeLoving Our Neighbors98
Lesson Twenty-fourUnderstanding Those Who Are Different102
Lesson Twenty-fiveDeveloping Compassion106
Lesson Twenty-sixSharing Our Blessings109
Lesson Twenty-sevenA Child from God116
Lesson Twenty-eightA Name and a Blessing118
Lesson Twenty-ninePreparing for Baptism120
Lesson ThirtyA Priesthood Ordination124
Lesson Thirty-oneReceiving a Patriarchal Blessing127
Lesson Thirty-twoLeaving on a Mission130
Lesson Thirty-threeThey Twain Shall Be One132
Lesson Thirty-fourWhen Illness Strikes138
Lesson Thirty-fiveThey That Mourn Shall Be Comforted143
Lesson Thirty-sixHe Is Risen!146
Lesson Thirty-seven“Come Let Us Adore Him”156
Making Home Evenings Successful  
 Participation—an Important Part163
 Using a Planning Wheel for Assignments164
 Meeting Adult Needs164
 Involving Your Teenagers165
 Family Home Evening with Younger Children166
 Reading Scriptures with Children167
 Avoiding Putting Children in Corners168
 Creating Your Own Lessons169
Lesson Ideas  
 Family History189
 Sense of Humor197
 Mission Preparation208
 Money Management210
 Talents and Gifts225
 Word of Wisdom228
Building a Strong Family  
 Building a Strong Family235
 Helping Family Members Live the Gospel236
 Personal Integrity—The Key to Example236
 Agency—The Key to Growth237
 Unconditional Love—The Key to Effective Parenthood238
 Achieving Oneness in Marriage239
 Resolving Conflicts in Marriage240
 Teaching by Example242
 Reasoning with Children244
 Building Confidence245
 Teaching Responsibility246
 Setting Limits248
 Helping Children Learn249
 Sharing Sorrows250
 Dealing with Problems Privately251
 Reclaiming a Wayward Child252
 Teaching about Procreation and Chastity253
 Understanding the Personality Development of Children260
Family Activities  
 Our Cultural Heritage265
 Notes: A Great Way to Communicate265
 Serving Others Together266
 Buzz Sessions267
 Role Playing268
 Reunions by Mail269–70
 Large Group Fun270
 Making Work Fun272
 Learning Fun for Infants and Toddlers273
 Learning Fun for Preschoolers276
 Travel Games278
 Memory Magic280
 Strip Puzzles280
 Mind Stretchers281
 Magic Tricks284
 Making and Keeping Aids for Family Home Evenings287
 Creating Fancy Foods288
 Fun with Games290
 Singing Praises: Learning Our Hymns and Children’s Songs294
 Appreciating Music295
 Arranging Flowers296
 Arts and Crafts297
 Christmas Crafts299
 Fun with Stories and Poems302
 Creating Pictures and Things304
 Enjoying Dance and Drama305
 Hiking with Small Children306
 Activities in the Rain306–7
 Gardening in Containers307
 Bird Watching Close to Home308
 Rock Hounding308–9
 Making Snow Sculptures309
 Collecting and Preserving Shells310
 Carpet Square Challenge311
 Number and Alphabet Grid Challenge312
 Marked Yard Games312
 Physical Fitness Award Program314
 Rhythmical Exercise Program315
 Family Physical Activity Center317
 Family Superstars318
 Let’s Go Fly a Kite320
 Emergency Supplies322
 Emergency Telephone Numbers323
 Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation324
 Treating Choking326
 Treating Shock328
 Treating Bleeding330
 Protecting Your Home Against Fire332
 Coping with a Blackout334
 Making Your Home a Tough Target for Thieves334
 Earthquake Preparation336
 Making a Survival Kit337
 Water Safety Skills339