"Preface," Gospel Fundamentals, (2002)

This book will help you learn and teach the basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Knowing these principles will help you understand the purpose of life and how to be truly happy. The principles explained in this book are true. As you study these principles and ponder and pray about them, you will come to know for yourself, and the Holy Ghost will bear witness to you, that they are true.

You may use this book for many different purposes. You may use it to study and learn for yourself. You may use it to prepare talks or to help explain the gospel to others.

You may use this book for family study and family home evenings. Each lesson has questions that you as a parent or a teacher can ask to young children to see how much they understand.

When you teach lessons from this book, you may use more than one class period on one chapter. Be sure your students understand a principle well before you move on to another topic. If you have the scriptures translated, look up the scriptural references and discuss them.

As a teacher, keep in mind that you will need about 46 to 50 class periods to teach a class for one year. Plan for your lessons to last the entire year. This means you will need to spend more than one week of study on 10 or more of the lessons. You may especially want to do this with chapters 2, 3, 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 30, 32, and 36. Decide what best meets the needs of your class.

Near the end of the year you may wish to spend one or two classes discussing the Articles of Faith, which also appear in this book. You could also use the Articles of Faith to review lessons.

Parents and teachers, pray for guidance as you prepare and teach these lessons. Let the Holy Ghost guide you in your understanding and in your teaching. Every member who can should read the chapters and come prepared to share with other members in class discussions.

The pictures in this book will help bring understanding to some of the principles and doctrines being taught.

You can sing the hymns that are in this book in your homes, in Church meetings, or wherever it is appropriate. God has said that singing the hymns is a way of praying, and He will answer those prayers with blessings.

When you see a word marked with an *, you can find its meaning in the “Words to Know” section at the back of the book. Other words are also included there to help you understand their meaning.

May God bless you as you prayerfully study the truths in this book.