Gospel Fundamentals

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 Gospel Fundamentalsi–ii
Part One: Our Life in Heaven with God  
Chapter 1There Is a God2–4
Chapter 2Our Life in Heaven5–8
Chapter 3Our Savior9–12
Chapter 4We Are Free to Choose13–16
Part Two: Leaving the Presence of God  
Chapter 5Jesus Made the Earth18–20
Chapter 6Adam and Eve21–26
Part Three: Communicating with God  
Chapter 7The Holy Ghost28–30
Chapter 8Talking to Heavenly Father31–35
Chapter 9Prophets36–40
Chapter 10Scriptures41–46
Part Four: Our Savior, Jesus Christ  
Chapter 11The Life of Jesus Christ48–54
Chapter 12The Atonement of Jesus Christ55–60
Part Five: The Gospel of Jesus Christ  
Chapter 13Faith in Jesus Christ62–66
Chapter 14Repentance67–70
Chapter 15Baptism71–76
Chapter 16The Gift of the Holy Ghost77–84
Part Six: The Church of Jesus Christ  
Chapter 17The Followers of Jesus Christ86–93
Chapter 18The Church Jesus Organized94–98
Chapter 19The Church of Jesus Christ Today99–105
Chapter 20Priesthood Organization106–14
Chapter 21Ordinances115–22
Part Seven: Following Jesus Christ  
Chapter 22Obedience124–29
Chapter 23Sacrifice130–36
Chapter 24The Day of Worship137–41
Chapter 25The Law of Chastity142–46
Chapter 26Honesty147–49
Chapter 27The Word of Wisdom150–53
Chapter 28Tithing and Offerings154–58
Part Eight: Saving Our Families  
Chapter 29Families Are Important160–64
Chapter 30Our Duty to Help Family Members165–71
Chapter 31Our Duty to Preach the Gospel172–75
Chapter 32Living as Families Forever176–82
Part Nine: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ  
Chapter 33The Second Coming of Jesus Christ184–188
Chapter 34The Millennium189–192
Part Ten: Life after Death  
Chapter 35Life after Death194–199
Chapter 36Eternal Life200–205
 The Articles of Faith206–8
 Children’s Songs265–75
 Words to Know278–84
 List of Paintings285–86
 Visual Aids287–88