Gospel Principles

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 Gospel Principlesi–ii
Chapter 1Our Heavenly Father4–7
Chapter 2Our Heavenly Family8–12
Chapter 3Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior13–16
Chapter 4Freedom to Choose17–21
Chapter 5The Creation22–25
Chapter 6The Fall of Adam and Eve26–30
Chapter 7The Holy Ghost31–33
Chapter 8Praying to Our Heavenly Father34–38
Chapter 9Prophets of God39–43
Chapter 10Scriptures44–49
Chapter 11The Life of Christ50–58
Chapter 12The Atonement59–66
Chapter 13The Priesthood67–71
Chapter 14Priesthood Organization72–80
Chapter 15The Lord’s Covenant People81–86
Chapter 16The Church of Jesus Christ in Former Times87–93
Chapter 17The Church of Jesus Christ Today94–100
Chapter 18Faith in Jesus Christ101–6
Chapter 19Repentance107–13
Chapter 20Baptism114–19
Chapter 21The Gift of the Holy Ghost120–24
Chapter 22The Gifts of the Spirit125–32
Chapter 23The Sacrament133–37
Chapter 24The Sabbath Day138–43
Chapter 25Fasting144–48
Chapter 26Sacrifice149–54
Chapter 27Work and Personal Responsibility155–60
Chapter 28Service161–66
Chapter 29The Lord’s Law of Health167–72
Chapter 30Charity173–78
Chapter 31Honesty179–83
Chapter 32Tithes and Offerings184–88
Chapter 33Missionary Work189–95
Chapter 34Developing Our Talents196–99
Chapter 35Obedience200–206
Chapter 36The Family Can Be Eternal207–11
Chapter 37Family Responsibilities212–17
Chapter 38Eternal Marriage218–23
Chapter 39The Law of Chastity224–32
Chapter 40Temple Work and Family History233–39
Chapter 41The Postmortal Spirit World240–44
Chapter 42The Gathering of the House of Israel245–50
Chapter 43Signs of the Second Coming251–56
Chapter 44The Second Coming of Jesus Christ257–62
Chapter 45The Millennium263–67
Chapter 46The Final Judgment268–74
Chapter 47Exaltation275–80
 List of Visuals281