Workshop 3

Preparing Names for Temple Ordinances

“Workshop 3: Preparing Names for Temple Ordinances,” Instructor’s Guide to Temple and Family History Work (2008), 28–29


This material should be taught as a workshop in which class members will be able to practice with a computer. When class members complete the workshop, they should be able to print a Family Ordinance Request form that they can take to the temple.


In preparation for this workshop:

  • Prayerfully study pages 32–33 of the Member’s Guide.

  • Arrange for a place to teach the workshop. You can teach the workshop in your home or in a family history center or wherever a computer with Internet access is available. Try to find a place with more than one computer so that all class members can practice using the FamilySearch Internet site, found at If only one computer is available, encourage class members to take turns doing the tasks so each person gains experience.

  • Practice using the FamilySearch Internet site so you can show class members how to use its basic features, such as selecting temple ordinances and printing a Family Ordinance Request form.

  • Go to the Help Center at, and review the instructions for using the Internet site. The online instructions are the most current.


Explain the basic steps for preparing a Family Ordinance Request form:

  1. Sign in to the FamilySearch Internet site.

  2. Find the name you want to submit for temple work.

  3. Indicate who will provide proxies for the temple ordinances.

  4. If you are providing proxies, select the ordinances to be done.

  5. Review the Family Ordinance Request form on the screen to make sure the information is correct.

  6. Print the Family Ordinance Request form and take it to any temple.


  • Sign in to the home page at

  • Show class members how to find names of individuals for whom ordinances need to be performed.

  • Demonstrate how to select the ordinances to perform.

  • Show class members how to prepare and print a Family Ordinance Request form.


  • If you have access to only one computer, have class members take turns using it. If you have multiple computers, encourage class members to share computers if necessary.

  • Allow class members time to prepare a Family Ordinance Request form for ancestors who need temple ordinances.

  • Provide help and feedback as needed. Answer questions that arise during the workshop.

  • Encourage class members to take their Family Ordinance Request forms to the temple and perform the ordinances.