Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel Teacher Manual

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Title Page 
IntroductionIntroduction to the Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel Teacher Manual 
Lesson 1Lesson 1: Jesus Is the Living Christ 
Lesson 2Lesson 2: Jesus Christ Is Central to All Human History 
Lesson 3Lesson 3: Jehovah and His Premortal Ministry 
Lesson 4Lesson 4: Jehovah Created the Earth 
Lesson 5Lesson 5: Jesus Christ Was Jehovah of the Old Testament 
Lesson 6Lesson 6: Types, Shadows, and Symbols of Jesus the Christ 
Lesson 7Lesson 7: Jesus Christ—God’s Only Begotten Son in the Flesh 
Lesson 8Lesson 8: Jesus Christ Fulfilled All Righteousness 
Lesson 9Lesson 9: The Savior’s Profound Influence 
Lesson 10Lesson 10: Come, Follow Me 
Lesson 11Lesson 11: Jesus Christ Went About Doing Good 
Lesson 12Lesson 12: Miracles on the Roads of Palestine 
Lesson 13Lesson 13: Jesus Christ Called Twelve Apostles 
Lesson 14Lesson 14: Jesus Christ Is the Messiah 
Lesson 15Lesson 15: Jesus Christ Instituted the Sacrament 
Lesson 16Lesson 16: The Savior Atoned for the Sins of All Mankind 
Lesson 17Lesson 17: The Savior Suffered and Died on Calvary’s Cross 
Lesson 18Lesson 18: The Savior Ministered in the Spirit World 
Lesson 19Lesson 19: He Is Risen 
Lesson 20Lesson 20: The Savior Ministered to His “Other Sheep” 
Lesson 21Lesson 21: Jesus Christ Organized His Church 
Lesson 22Lesson 22: The Father and the Son Appeared to Joseph Smith 
Lesson 23Lesson 23: The Savior Restored His Priesthood, Church, and Gospel 
Lesson 24Lesson 24: He Lives! 
Lesson 25Lesson 25: Jesus Christ Will One Day Return 
Lesson 26Lesson 26: Jesus Christ Will Rule as King of Kings and Judge the World 
Lesson 27Lesson 27: Jesus Christ Is the Light, Life, and Hope of the World 
Lesson 28Lesson 28: A Personal Witness of Jesus Christ